Darling Hambal

I was chatting with my darling cousin, Hambal.

hambal: i masuk man's toilet, sebelah woman's toilet
yg Asha Gill masuk td

hambal: sekian makasey
me: cehhhh~~~
hambal: sila jgn jeles
me: i interviewed che'nelle and kissed her on the
cheek and minum at mamak with her

me: sekian timer kasey

*feel like bz-bodying?* TEKAN SINI laaa

or better yet, just stay put:


hambal: ek’ele… Che'nelle is msian, big deal
me: so as asha gill..big deal

(Psst* Actuallllyyyyyyyyyyyy she was born in
England but spent much of her childhood in N9 (Negeri Sembilan lah Bongok).. so that makes her Malaysian la.. who cares!)

hambal: asha gill msian ke?
hambal: where got..
me: yes (Dududududu)
hambal: papepun, asha is hotter than che'nelle
me: dua2 pun tak hot
me: sekian terima kaseh
hambal: yela..
me: gagagagaga
hambal: aya's the hottest
me: i know… dudududu
hambal: nasib baik cousin sendiri..
Aya: hahahahaha.. I love you!

Can't wait to meet him up in March! Sayang Hambal!


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