This is boring....

Wah lah weeeh….

City Mall was sooo quiet... just like a grave yard.
So many shops were closed for today’s Chap Goh Meh.

Aihs… sedeeeeeyyy….

Everybody was so daymn happy at home.. having a quality time with their family… eating some herbal chicken soup… laughing and sharing stories… while I, on the other hand…

*krupp~* *krupp~* *krupp~*

(hmmm… kfc popcorn chicken… nyum2)

*looking left* *krupp-krupp* *looking right* *krupp-krupp*

(Shiuuu~~~ imaginary wind blowing)

T-T …. Why am I here playing songs for ghosts to listen

*imaginary self: "Helllooooo~ *knock *knock.. to pay for your materialistic spending??? Lupa kah?"*

Oh! right~ ^^

I didn’t even bother to say anything throughout my 3-hour part time djing. Who am I kidding? Nobody is listening!!!! Only sebiji dua tiga empat people only jalan2 at the center court! Even the people who were managing their own booth at the ground level trying to compete with me by playing their songs loudly

Oii mamat! If that is not City Mall, I would’ve turned on the speaker into full blast till you crack your ear drum you know. So jeng one! Peh~

I’ve been approached by few shoppers asking for shops direction.
What? You think I’m an info counter lady aaa?
Haiyaaa… Main PSP also susah! Balik-balik kena interrupted.

There was one point where I was bz playing *kof working, someone approached me and say,

*busy trying to score perfect score in Gitaroo man game*
Hello Miss
Haaa!! *looking at him with a blank and irritated expression*
Aaaa sorry aa.. mana itu Y-Fitness
(erghh.. not another one)
Ohh! Thank you..
*looking at the guy walking away and gave him a -look when he turned and look back smiling ham sap’ly’ *tsk!
*continue playing game… when few minutes later… a yogur berry ice cream appear suddenly & magically (imagine with a chime sound) before my eyes*

Sayaaaaaaaaaaaang ^^ Yey! Mocha visited me and bought Yogur Berry ice cream. Ureshiiiii!

We were so happily chit chatting when my boss called (gulp) which could mean only one thing. HE'S THERE!!!

Fara, is everything ok?, says him
Mhm! ^^ everything is fine! (stay calm.. stay calm)

*then ter disconnected*

Omg! Is he here????

I sms’ed him and asked
What’s up? How r u? everything is fine. Banyak kedai tutup.

He replied that
he is ok, and will try find time to do work with me this week.

Wth??? Awww! Mannnn!!! Tak payah laaaaa… I’m so happy to be there alone and work ALONE!

Tak rock aaaa!

Mocha swore that he saw someone bald (fyi, my boss) looking at our direction from across (gulp)
Well... I ain’t do nothing wrong dude. So kill me.

Mocha and I went to Tanamera after that and chit chatting about how ugly people who’s wearing girdle wrongly can be.

Don’t ask me why.


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