BSB crashed Mars

I just got out from a meeting and was explaining something to Rina when I heard a loud footstep running towards

Dung!! Dung!! Dung!! Dung!! Dung!

And there was Marissa… talking on her phone, smiling as wide as joker character in Batman.

“Oh my god!!! Yes! Yes!! Thank you! Thank you so much!!!!!”, shouted her.

Guess what happened?


MARISSA WON 2 VIP INVITES to watch BACK STREET BOYS concert LIVE in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Surf Beach KL!!!!!!!!

Yeyyy!!!!!!!!! Omedeto Marissaaaaa!

Fyi, the BSB means the world to her. Especially Howie D. More than her friends and her mom.... well... I'm just assuming and feels like exaggerating..

After listening and waiting 3 sessions in, she finally got through at the 3rd round and was VERY LUCKY to become the 100th SMSer

She asked me If I wanna go with her, but I’ll pass

I have assignments and have promised Ntwine to go to their last performance in Shens on the 29th.

Congrats girl!

You deserve it!

I swear she almost got hysteria. The whole office got scared of her with her non-stop “Ohohohoho~ Ohohohoho~ Ohohohoho”...

Scary man!


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