I figured that I don’t have to blog much about the farewell party we had few minutes ago… but… Kyaaaa~~~ Jen is leavinggggg! Huhuhuhuhu!

Fyi, Jen is GoLife! Beauty & Fashion Editor. We had a blast time working together and all of us are truly gonna miss her.

THANK YOU sooooooo much Jen for your contribution, dedication and patient for GoLife!

We couldn’t have done it without you, seriously…!

And to KadmilMars and I are gonna miss giving you a fright at the toilet.

*Imagining your face at that time*


Message from Mars who’s currently jumping like mad woman for the BSB in KL right now - she’ll be missing stepping on your shoe!

Oooo!!!!!! I almost forget!!! Mars told me to step on your shoe before you leave!!!

Will do that later. Gagagagaga!

I’ve been an annoying (tralalalala – in a good sense OKAY~) and loud speaker (tralalala – which makes you laugh OKAY) colleague in DH, so thank you so much that you can tahan this far. Forget me not. So as Marissa. Coz both of us are the coolest animated girl in DH! Gagagagagaga!

For Jen, if all is well, we’ll still be working together on the new idea for GoLife okay!

So you guys! Stay tuned~~~

GoLife Team (Except Kadmil)

Jen giving speech

Kadmil cried listening to the speech

See! See! I told you he cried!

Kadmil giving out speech

Pizza! and more Pizza! So as Big Apple Donut!

Zzzt! Zzzzt!

Flo: "Anak-Anak ayam... mari makan"

Mark & Aya - Rakan Sejati



This I must add!

Just when I posted the above entry… my colleague that I bitched about in my last post finally decided to show up back at our office to say a proper goodbye.

Hmmmm~~~~~ *feeling damn-damn-damn-damn-damn proud*

Silent treatment always works!

“Yes…. Cik Fara?”, he approached me.
“Hmmm~~~ *buat muka mengada-ngada* Balik pun *buat muka mengada-ngada lagi sambil tersipu-sipu seperti kucing yang comel* Thank you for coming back. Good Luck, all the best, keep in touch and thank you so much for everything. We’re truly going to miss you”
, I replied

I meant that TAU!!!!

Anyway, honestly, THANK YOU & we’re going to miss you Izz!


No Excuse!

Messenger ada, SMS ada, phone ada and so as email.

So I repeat!

No excuse!

You are NOT COOL

Today is the last day for my colleague who has the hobby of nourishing me with delicious food. All of us cheaped in for his and 2 other colleagues’ farewell party and excitedly hoping to have a really great time taking photos and yada-yada-yada, till I notice a container of keropok on my table.

This can only mean one thing. So i SMS-ed him.

“Why did you leave the keropok on my table? Make sure you
come back to the office aft lunch for a proper farewell aaa!”
“Sorry. I took 1/2 day and already returned the office tag”
“Well then shame on you. Hmmp!"
“Y pulak???”

I know you will read this, and buddy, this is what I feel about your so-called ‘cool attitude’.

You left without saying anything.

No proper goodbye, no nothing.

We didn’t get the chance to even chat with you.

And you crept and left us silently even though U KNOW that we don’t know you’re leaving early.

Gosh! We just passed right in front of you and you don’t even have the courtesy to at least let us know!

Do you think we can read your mind??

Do you think it’s cool?

I don’t think so.

Since it never occurred to you that you meant something to all of us here, I’m gonna keep it short and simple.

*Thank you for being a helpful colleague
*Thank you for being a caring person
*Thank you for the food food and more food
*Thank you for the TV series and Musics
*Thank you for the lovely present & wonderful poem
*Thank you for the short memories we had as colleague
*Good luck & have a happy life
*Drop by and keep in touch if you care

Gosh! I just hate people who leave without notice.

That is not cool, and just pure ugly.


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