Where's my water?

It's 2am and I just got back from a filming session at Kingfisher. I acted out a tiny part where it’s not really that important to be shown in the film roll anyway. Gagagaga. But heck, Shaz the Director said go ahead.. then I went ahead lo~. 1 minute of menyibuk’ness’

I played as Sandra, Julian’s wife, who woke up in the middle of the night, telling off her husband to stay in or stay out. LOL! My favourite part was of course saying, “Whateverrrrrr…”,
*roll eyes*.



My part only started rolling at about 10pm, and the whole production basically ended around 1.30a.m after they finished filming some extras for Shaz & George’s tape for the upcoming amazing race asia 2. Inspired by the cloverfield movie, those two were simply amazing ^^ Of course, with the help of Dino as the camera man and Julie as the walking zombie.

All the best you guys. I hope that this film will win the Astro Kirana competition and also, that the creative video of yours will be selected for the Amazing Race Asia 2. I’ll be seeing you guys on TV quarreling and back stabbing other contestants to win the 1 mil and belanja me *kof! us, to Paris. Yey!


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