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Life had been rather eventful these past few days, hence, my late update. Gomen2! Hrmm… where shall I start… Ok.. let’s start with Valentine’s . I had a blast Valentine’s and perhaps it is the best by far. All I have to say is that… It feels like home

At 10pm on the very same day, I attended Mr. Valentine’s event at Shenanigan Hyaat for some photoshoot……

-sileeeeeeenceeeeeeeee…… cricket..-

* thinking hard on how to explain the gayness scenario and me who overwhelmed by the feeling of wanting to puke, laugh and awed at the same time *

Haihs… camna ek…….. LOL! Weeeellllll, it was ok. The event was definitely alright to be honest. I only have problem with the finalists. They only depended on their look and were quiet shock when they have to answer a simple question provided by the MC. This was the following scenario:

MC: AlllrighT~ ok.. would you like to answer it in
Malay.. or English

Finalist A: emmm… Malay lah
MC: Ok.. Finalist A chose to answer in BM.
This is your question...

Finalist A: *gulp*… *nervous*
MC: What is the name of our present mayor?
Finalist A: *!!!!!!!!* erm…. Mmmm
Me: Pssst!!! It’s Datuk Illyas… Illyasssss!!!!! Come on!!!!
Finalist A: Erm….. *sweat…. Ermm…… *Double sweat
Me: Oh come on dude!!!! Datuk Illyasssss Ibrahim!!!
Finalist A: Erm…. *sweat*… sorry man.. I don’t know
MC: Did you say Datuk Illyas Ibrahim?
Finalist A: I dunno man~
(I was like... *
wtf... Tak faham-faham
lagi mamat ni ... )

MC: Did you guys hear that? He just said
Datuk Illyas Ibrahim

(If the MC can talk, he'd definitely say,
"I’m trying to cover your ass, dumb-ass...
just say yes already")

Finalist A: Er… Sorry man. I dunno...
My goodness! Aku cekik kang mamat ni)
MC: You got it correct! Thank you very much!!!

o_O Apa daaaa~~~ here’s another scenario that I can recall:

MC: Would you like to answer in Malay.. or English?
Finalist B: Melayu
MC: Ok.. he chose in BM and this is your question.
Jika anda menang pada
malam ini, apakah yang
anda ingin
buat dengan hadiah anda.
inalist B: Jika sia manang… sia… tau la… sia mesti jimat2…
simpan duit… tapi selain daripada itu.. sia belanja
kamu semua di sini!!!!

Ceh! Cheeky huh? Kiss-ass sambil menjual his gigi yg putih and glow in the dark. I wonder if he did any teeth whitening before the contest coz even my teeth is not as white as that. He reminded me of Ross in Friends wh got his teeth whitened.

The GoLife Editors

Mars, Moi and Julian

The China Man

The Colgate Advertisement

Mr. Jack Black

Mr. Valentine's Finalists with the Fairuz Models

Anyhow, to cut long story short, there were only 2 winners in the end… and it was Mark, the Y-Fitness personal trainer and Kenneth. Kenneth was crowned as the first Mr. Valentine of Hyaat Shenanigan and Mark bagged 2 awards – Mr Body Beautiful and Mr. Suave. Well… I ‘may’ (please note: I said ‘may’) understand why he got the Mr. Body Beautiful title (maybe the fact that he just won’t stop moving his chest muscle while catwalking) *Euwwww… (This is when I received mars sms “I’m gonna puke”).. but Mr. Suave???? I’m sure the other finalists deserve it better. I also have problem with the Mr. Valentine King himself. He looks gay and Brrrrrr…. Bringing shiver all over my body when I look at him cat walking and dancing on the stage with his gayness paradox, and mind you… it is NOT a good kind of shiver.

Mark - Mr Body Beautiful & Mr. Suave

Mr. Valentine 2008 - Kenneth

GoLife Editors & The Winners

I met up with Ntwine, the present Shenanigan’s band. OJ and Emily are still cute and energetic. (I wonder if those two are together now. Ngeeeee =D ) Both Mars and I are invited to watch them performing on their last day (29th Feb) before going back to Philippines. So guys, go and check them out at Shens coz they are really great.

The rocking Ntwine

Last Friday was a very2 tiring day for me - a continuous working day from morning till midnight. After I got out from work, I went to City Mall for my first day of part time djing till 9pm then to RTM for guest djing / training till midnite. I snoozed in mocha’s car to get my happy battery energy charge before going on air.

Compared to DJing in shopping mall, radio DJing is much better. I rocked and without doubt 'tunggang langgang'kan the studio last Friday. Fyi, this is my first time operating the technical stuff, players and mixer in the Studio without any assistance while DJing (of course DJ Viola taught me here and there before I went on air). There was one incident where I forgot to switch off the mic and the entire state of Sabah who’s listening to Sabah.vfm heard me laughing on air. Dududududu. And there was the *F word in Lily Alen song which I hoped nobody will notice especially DJ Viola. (I don’t have enough time to censor the word anyway) Gahahahaha. But apparently my anata, Mars noticed it and send me a fast as lightning sms saying “Why is there an F word in the song?!” Dudududu. Hoho! Anyhow, DJ viola said I passed the training/audition and complimented that I’m a fast learner.
(*Yey to me!)

I’m grateful that mocha was there for me, fetching me to go here and there and making sure that I’m ok and fed. (I can really forget to eat the whole day if I’m occupied with work). Mahal kita dearest!

Djing in a shopping mall is easy… very easy… not a very bad pay…BUT damn boring if you have to sit in a box alone for 3 hours playing easy listening music and only talk what is necessary. Plus, RnB song is not allowed. Only one or two. How laa I tak mengantuk dey~

Today is going to be my 3rd day Djing there and I’ve made friends with the security guard who is stationed beside the DJ booth. Cool huh? *evil mode* Next time when I’m hungry, I can either ask them to watch the booth while I go lepaking and ‘telan’ing elsewhere, OR, get him to buy food/snacks for me! Buahahahaha! Joudan.. Joudan… I’m not that cruel ok.. I might just ask them to buy Starbucks to keep me awake. Gosh! Bosan ok~ I really need a game console to keep me alive till June

Oh! Oh! I went to Bodyshop Beauty Workshop for their latest Spring Collection yesterday. It was super fun, from the start of removing the makeup, to applying the daily beauty regime, to mask myself in white with mars *Julian(ne) is seriously enjoying it, I tell u* and my favourite part was definitely applying the make up and the beautiful eye shadows, plus, getting goody bags of the spring collection for free! Hohohoho! Fyi, Golife Online Mag is basically working together with Bodyshop and we are more or less performing as a press to announce their new products to the public via GoShop!

Wearing the head band

The BodyShop makeup artist - Beverley

The Bodyshop workshop

'On duty' *kof *kof

Mixing & Matching eye shadows

Uuuuu.. I like this one

Definitely satisfied!

Scrumptious Cupcakes

Adding calories and fats with the Butter Cake.. Nyum!

Yey! I can buka kedai already!

We tried to drag Julian to join, but he rather die than having himself applying make up and doing all the girly stuff among us, the roses. Do u really think u can escape huh, buddy? Buahahahaha. Fyi, Julian’s fren, Shahz is shooting a short film for Astro Kirana and Julian is one of the main actors in there. During the shooting, a make up must be put on and in the end, he had no choice but to oblige. Gahahahahaha! Padan Muka! Plus, he MUST remove the makeup with the free cleaning products given by The Bodyshop. Gaaaaaaahahahahahaha!

Anyhow, the film shooting went great, Julian’s acting was great as well and the CSPian even acted out few bloopers from the Matrix scene to the slow zombie scene.

Ok! Am off to City Mall. Jya! Thanks Julie for the photos! Muaks!!! XOXOXO


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