Calling my ex-boyfriend as ‘EX’ is just unpleasant in my opinion… So let me call him Rizz here.

I got in touch with Rizz yesterday because my anata Mars is apparently sesat in Bukit Jalil area to get to Astro building *I have not been Jalan-jalan in KL for a while now… so I seriously couldn’t guide Mars* So last resort, I have to get in touch with Rizz so that he can help Mars out. So to cut long story short, in the end, Mars survived on her own. Good girl!

Anyhow, it’s good to hear Rizz's voice again. But odd…. hrmm~ something is wrong here~~~

He sounded like a stranger

*hen da yo~*


So out of concern, I dropped him a text message:

“Hey awak ^^ Why do you sound like stranger?”
“Oh Sorry.
Ada bos kat sebelah tadi. Plus dah lama tak get in touch so macam awkward sket”

*’Boss’???* I wonder…

LOL. This is what makes me wonder sometimes about guys.

After a breakup, they don’t stop and wandering around like woman.

They move on and don’t look back.

Whereas women are always stuck with their precious memories.

Well…. Not entirely true actually. It can happen otherwise. But I guess I’m the old-fashion type.

I finally ‘let him go’ last December. I realized it almost end of the sucky-yucky-fucky 2007, so I sent him a text msg informing that I am okay and apologise for being quiet after he told me about his new beau, and that I am truly happy that he met a new girl in a short period of time who can make him really really really happy, and that I do miss him every now and then and told him it is a surprise that he managed to move on that fast when we are still in the healing period from a 6 yrs rltnship.. bla222 and its time for me to move on as well, open up a new book and start my own new chapter in life.

I seriously tried hard to hold back the tears and the piercing feeling I felt in my heart. I didn’t want to spoil my dad’s birthday at that time.

It took me sometime to open up and to really commit to someone.

Yes, I do admit I met few eligible ones here and there. Good looking, great job, nice attribute but in the end… it’s the personality that matters. These ‘eligible’ bachelors are mostly not committed, indecisive, do not want us to be seen together and only long for activities behind doors. These so-called eligible bachelors can dine in hell for all I care.

In my opinion, a relationship should not suck the life out of you. It shouldn’t feel stress. It should feel happy and secure. And I feel that in mocha.

Mind you, we are not living in the ‘Enchanted’ world.

Relationships aren’t always green.

There will always be the grey area here and there.

So right now both of us are taking one step at a time, building memories of one another and let god take care of the rest.

“I heard that you met someone new… I’m happy for you”

Wow… rumor does spread like a wild fire. I haven’t even announced to ANYBODY yet.

Fyi, at first, I decided to keep my blog private only to my close ones. After encouraged by my readers to go public and share my fun-crapping stories here, I decided to post the address in Friendster & Facebook.

Hail to the power of online media.

And yes, I am happy! Seriously blissfully H.A.P.P.Y!!!!


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