Happy Birthday Mama!!!

Happy Birthday Mamaaaaaaa
and Hellllloooooo Perth~!!!! Uuuuuui~ I banyak story to tell you yo~ First thing first.. my mama makin cun…. Second, I’ve arrived safely in Perth for a 1 week holiday + attending beloved Cici’s convocation which will be held on the 6th. Okay... Let me start with mama’s birthday celebration.

After few days plan between Cici and I, we decided to organise a surprise bday party (as usual) on the 30th January so that Mama can rest more on the 31st Jan before going to Perth on the 1st (Mama’s bday is actually on the 1st Feb.. which is quiet sad if we were to celebrate the entire bday on a boring plane journey). But to cut long story short, after a slight miss-comm with papa, we ended up celebrating it on the 31st anyway… and the venue we chose was at Kohinoor Indian Restaurant, Waterfront~ I was put in charge to buy a cake and a mini bouquet of Ferrero Rocher for mama + send the cake to Kohinoor after work (before my family arrived) and to request the manager to serve it together with the meal during the surprise dinner.

So while waiting for my family to arrive, Julie accompanied me for a stroll in Warisan Square. We had a long interesting chat as usual (I'm missing him even more, now that I’m at the south part of the world). LOL! Hrrmmm~~.... Remembering yesterday, I realise that it was the first time that Julie met papa. The incident was rather funny actually but na~ it's not really important to tell.

Anyhow, we had a great dinner. Mama had a blast birthday surprise, with 2 mouth-watering cakes (another one was courtesy of Kohinoor’s owner Dr. Sukdef which also papa’s friend) and a bouquet of beautiful and colourful flowers.

Chocolate Moist Cake

*I huff! and I puff! and I blowwww*

*Senyum maaa... jangan tak senyum*


*Mama & Papa*

*Tandoori Chicken*

*Sizzling Prawn*

*Sisters plan: SUCCESS!!!*


*Told cha we'll pull this off!*

*Colourful bangles*

*Romantic Ambience*

We opened up all the presents at home and what did Mama got for her birthday? ^^

*All presents lined up*

*BodyShop Gifts*

*Beautiful Flowers - courtesy of Kohinoor Restaurant*

*Orange Lipstick from Nadia*

*Framed pics of mama from Cici*

*Dinner Clutch from Me!*

*Card from Cici*

*Haaaaaa..... this is from Papa!*

*From papa lagi~*


Haaaa~~ Will you look at that! As always, papa jugaaa the winner. He got mama a luxurious and classy Bonia hand bag and alsoooooooooooooo…… a Hdisk playerrrrrrr. Buahahhaahhahaha. That means, eventhough the ownership belongs to mama, but the operators for this baby are none other than the FASANAs! LOL!!! Terima Kasih Papa~~~ Jasa mu dikenang!

Other than that…Papa also gave each of us pocket money for our trip in Perth. He doesn’t want us to bug mama for any shopping. Fyi, papa is still in the waiting list to go to Perth. Haihs.. pity papa. I hope he’ll be able to join us because for once, there’s nothing else in this world that I can ask for than to have complete family members for Cici’s convocation.

I remembered during my graduation ceremony, everything was a total hustle and rush. After the grad ceremony, Papa and mama had to rush back to KL for their flight back to KK (I can’t remember why but it was kinda important back then) and Cici wasn’t there as she was still studying in Miri during that time while Nadia on the other hand was stucked in the hotel with little Yah (my Ex’s sis). I was pretty disappointed because at that time, only parents were allowed to be in the hall. After the convocation day, I also didn’t get to take any picture at all with other friends (Sometimes I did feel upset whenever I look at their picture album and got frustrated over the whole situation) as I had to rush back to MMU Melaka campus to get my Degree certificate, made a payment for the robe .. which I’m saving it for a Studio Photography with my other 2 siblings after they had graduated. Lol! Imagine by that time, I’ll be almost 30 and I wonder how I’d look like…

Despite all that happened, there was one very important moment that I will NEVER ever forget. Fyi, back then, my dad was suffering with kidney failure(before he went to China for a kidney transplant) Even so, he was still keen to walk very far, all by himself, regardless of his condition, to the flower stalls outside the building to buy a bouquet of flower and a graduation Winnie the pooh teddy bear just for me. I was touched and could never felt happier to be blessed with such a super-loving parents. So kids, don’t be selfish with your emotions like how I did! ……………….*I’m dead serious*……………… *and I’m not smiling….. at all*

Thinking back, yes, I didn’t have all that memories of post graduation…. BUT, what I’ve got after that meant more than what I missed. First, alhamdulillah, I've never been unemployed for a long period of time like what some of my friends experienced.. I was offered a job right after I’ve got my exam result. After my first job, I was selected to work at a TV production company which taught me lots and lots about life… especially about myself. Not only that it shaped me to become more independent and confident, it also unlocked a whole new sets of opportunity which led to where I am now.

Ahhhh well, that's about me. So I’m not gonna let that happen to my beloved sis. I'll make sure she'll have a blast post grad and am gonna nourish her with whatever gifts that she wants for her big achievement. So Sis, I may not have few thousands like what papa gave you.. but I'll get whatever you want as long as I can afford it. Buahahahahaha!

Eh.. ini dah off topic.. aaaaaanyway... we departed from KK to Brunei at 9.15pm. Cis! Nadia was so lucky that she ended up sitting beside a hot male student in the plane just now. Cici was envious that she can’t stop *kelip-kelip-kelip* her eyes for attention.

We arrived in Brunei at about 10a.m. While waiting for our transit flight at 12.40PM, I managed to go online and chat with Julie ^^. *yey!* (thanks rummy). I miss si dia, and I miss Haru.

***Haru - back in KK***

Why am I not gonna be on planeeeeee like pinkyyyyyyy!!!!! Yadaaaaaaaaa!!!, screamed Haru

Oooohohohohohoho!~~~ (pinky)

Sorry Haru.. your bullet necklace is not allowed... I'll be put in jail. If you want to blame someone, blame it on the person who presented it to u, i replied.

Mendoku sei naaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *lighting up bazooka to blow up the world*


Yare~ Yare~ (Tako passing through)

Awww.... Poor Haru. Anyway, we safely arrived in Perth at 7PM (6pm in Malaysia). Cici’s friends, Syakir and Non fetch us in the airport and brought us to Cici’s apartment hostel where she used to stay with her housemates.Very cute.

After settling down, everybody was freaking hungrykalah-kalah budak bosnia. Mama decided to cook us fried meehoon with crab sticks and burger (this is what we could find in the fridge so far). While waiting,I had a quick chat with Rum.

Lapar oo…..LoL!

Hmmm…all the time I talk to you ur hungry… every COUNTRY i talk to you also lapar


Betul bah… in Malaysia u were hungry and rushing… in Brunei you were hungry and bored… and in Australia ur hungry and tired….but all also hungry

><" (busted)

Didn’t u eat on the plane???

Ndak cukup bahhhhh… I should've asked for 10 oreos in the plan and 20 kacang… but julie is keeping me discipline with my food intake coz I requested him to

Discipline??? Right~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cis! Terima kasih rummy. Your sarcasm always soothed my day… but that’s one of the thing that makes you special in your own ways! Lol! Oklah! Masa untuk makan! Kanak-kanakkkk~ apa national anthem kita??? MAKAN!!!


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