Now I know
why the Mat Sallehs hate Durian

Coz it stinks!!!! Seriously stinks!!!

It can smell very nice and delicious… let alone the taste… (nyum~)

But once you put it in one closed place such as your car and go to the gym for one hour, you’re gonna die man!!!!

This is what happened.

I have this friend who’s one of his hobbies is to feed me with food.

So the term, “The Way to a Man's Heart is through his Stomach” doesn’t work on man no more.

As much as I appreciate the gesture… but
Durian pancake
Durian pancakeDurian Pancake..
and now a giant Durian Swiss Roll???
(from Uncle Biscuit somemore)

*controlling saliva from drooling out*

How lah weh kawan? I’m surely gonna die with cholesterol overdose.

I love Durian… I really do.

And I god daymn seriously appreciate it. I know at least my tummy does.

But let’s just keep it to the delicious home-made baked Biscotti yeah?

It tastes better, originally made by you, not messy, tastes nice and smells nice!

OMG Haru!!!!
You smell like sampah durian siot!!!

Kesian Haru. He nearly choked to death in the car.
I had to bring him out and sleep in my bed with me tonight.
Haru's mood: +100000000000000

Mocha treated me at Secret Recipe which later joined by Mars, Rum and Robin.

Poor Robin has to work extra overtime tonight. He seriously looked bummed

I feel you man.

Rum ordered an Earl Grey Tea.

He and Robin were murmuring about how I drank mine.

I only heard “……obviously”.

“There’s a proper way of drinking Earl Grey you know”, said Rum

Pfft~ I baru keluar kampung. So?

Plus... I anak Lipton, Boh and Sabah Tea.

Rum was seriously getting all the pleasure of irritating and making fun of me. Getting more annoyed when mocha joined in.

Guys, why don’t you try google up this word - “enough is enough”

I’m narcissist, have a big head & nostril, big bum and you might wanna say big boobs too. Aboden?

Want to send me to a ‘perempuan melayu terakhir’ class or pay for beauty surgery & Marie France?

I’ll be glad too

Pfft~ Don’t even get me started on both of you…
serious tak cukup kertas

I love my new shoe.
People have been ogling at it and I like it.

But the fact that the heels are thin, I have to tip toe whenever I encounter small holes e.g. The toilet mat of Secret Recipe.

I got stucked in the toilet for few minutes just to pull out the right heel… then the left heel, when the right one got stucked in again… and worse…. Both! I acutely felt like walking outside and shove it to Rum’s face with that piece of toilet mat which stucked to my heels. Da di da da da~ *evil imagination*

Ok I’m satisfied bitching here. Kyahahahaha!

I was merajuk’ing’ just now and don’t feel like talking to mocha.
But his eyebrow was so tempting that I don’t want to let him go when I send him back to his house.

I remembered nana in Bokura Ga Ita saying this:

They say love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

e.g your feelings..

When your bf is being a complete moron and you want to kick him..
but his smile ends up being too cute and you forgive him.
You always give in to your feelings.

Love is the opposite of great effort, don’t u think?

Am gonna get my clothes ready for a small part in Shaz’s film tomorrow night.



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