Happy Engagement Mel!

Mocha and I sent Marissa off to the airport just now, and I'm glad that everything is settled.

After the female security guard ‘meraba-raba’ her to make sure that she didn’t bring any bomb inside the plane, we signaled our kissu-kissu goodbye from afar. A minute there, mocha and I felt like we are sending our kids off to study abroad. Gagagagaga.

On my way back to the office, I saw mars air asia plane! Hohohoho.

Have fun smooching-mooching with the Budak Belakang Jalan
Back Street Boys!



Comel kan the comic?

The artist is Rina, my talented senior back in SFC and now my colleague in Digital Heritage. She’s the energetic type and very humble too!

I love hanging around with Rina!

She also help me drew my anime character in my Blog’s header.

*look up*

I sayang Rina!!!! ^^


I can hear she's saying, “Oh goodness!”


No worries Rina. I tau you sayang me too~


Well as you can see, both of us are like animated cartoons!

(……………………….) *Cricket* *Cricket*


all of us in the Multimedia Department are… ^^

except the boys.

The world is seriously turning up side down.

This is Rina

She loves cosplaying too!

The KK Cosplay Club

This is one of her cute artwork

Anyways, you can check Rina’s art collection at http://rinacat.deviantart.com

Click bah, silly!


However, my top artist in my favourite-must-recommend list would be my best friend Melissa. A beautiful and talented girl since 4-EVA!

Mel & Raisin, the sunat'ed' cat (Pretty La-La is what i call him)

Ok.. let me give you a sneek peek on how super-duper talented she is. She can do anything, I TELL YOU!

Cool Huh?! then CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE! for more awesome artworks.

Now I miss Mel badly.

Mel & Rina have a lot in common. They can be blur & innocent sometimes, yet smart and talented.

Kan best camtu? People sometimes can just hate you for being blur but smart and talented at the same time.

If Mel read this, she will definitely say, “Ooooohh..macam tu ya~”

Joudan mel, Joudan!

I must blog about how we became from Best Friend to Sisters one day.

We are sooooo different and yet we survive each other for almost
13 years.

This is a picture from her Engagement day.

She was the last between Leena and Me to have a boyfriend and yet found someone that really suits her and got engaged and soon-to-be-married in the end. Jijoe! You're a lucky man, MAN! You are the first and we hope you to be the last one too! Get yourself ready for some loving~ Gagagagaga!

At that time, I was missing sensei right after he gave me Haru.

But at that moment as well, mocha and I just getting to know each other.

And last-last found one another too~


*knock self*

Back to work!


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