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Yay! Was all happy when mama and nadia visited me in City Mall. We had our dinner at Fruits Monster cafe. Avocado juice for me, Mango juice for mama and the yucky sour Orange juice for nadia. Siapa suruh order tu? Padan muka. Buahahaha.

Mocha joined us shortly after that. Mama being mama… as usual.. asking about work.. and yadayadayada. But the part that pleased me most is that they can really gossip together. Boleh tahan mamat ni~

Well I did a lot of catching up with mama *pls note: I’ve been home late these past few days and we only see each other to say hello ma.. bye ma… hi nadia .. bye nadia.. cici? I haven’t seen her for 2 days in a row now.. and we call ourselves staying under one roof* sedeeeey~. I shall try to be home as early as I can starting this week.

*cricket* *cricket* pfft .. kinda hard..

Below are my daily schedule.. or so…

Monday to Wednesday – Work till 6pm/7pm, Gym till 9.30pm
Thursday to Friday – Work till 5.30pm, Part time DJ till 9pm
Saturday - Part time DJ 6 to 9pm
Sunday - Part Time DJ - 4 to 7pm

Weekends are dedicated to family. Please don’t ask me to go anywhere other than assignments / photo shooting / events coverage.

Sigh~* But socializing and yam cha with friends are kinda important too.. coz Monday – Friday is all about work work work… bloody hell~

Mocha visited me in the office just now. Happpyyyyy


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