New dance step…

New choreography move…

Danny’s dance class is definitely D’ BEST!!!

Plus, today is extra special, coz Rina, Dino and my Mocha joined as well.


As what I posted in my last entry about the challenge that Mocha set last Monday, *(Tak tau????!!!) Apa macam..~ TEKAN SINI…. Tekan tekan tekan!* I’ve been controlling what I eat, and THAT somehow motivates Rina to join my diet-quest as well.

*krup *krup *krup

*slurp *slurp *slurp

“hmmm~ the yoghurt smells so sweet!” – Rina
“hmmm~ the tuna & cracker smells delicious too!” – Aya *hint *hint

*We swapped*

“Ok… cukup… take this away from me coz I won’t stop”
“LOL… okokok”
“……………. I want another one”
“Ek!!! *slapping my hand* No! No! No! If you take another one, I’ll be tempted to eat too!”
“Kyaaaaaaaaa~" *merengek*

Garghhh! Menggeramkan…. Fine!!! If helping one another is of assistance, I’ll go for it!


*I want Ayam Goreng McD
*I want my Dominos Pizza
*I want my Secret Recipe
*I want my Choc Indulgence Cake
*I want my Spaggheti Arrabiata
*I want my chocolate chili fondant
*I want my Duren-Duren
*I want my McD Fish Fillet
*I want my Tiramisu

*I want….. I want…. I want……


Please call the ambulance!!!!!


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