Home alone in Putatan

Mama happily kidnapped my two little goony sis at home to overnight at Kudat Hotel for her i-don’t-know-what seminar. So tonite, with no nadia around, I have to sleep with the lights on (I is afraid of the dark see…). I know I’m 24, thanks for reminding, and coz of that, my imagination is not merely a mediocre. Sleeping alone in an empty house with no one around (well.. my dad is in… but it always seems that he’s not.. *I’m like him naturally* - and agus is always outside singing his ‘Timur’ song or sleep at the veranda) is no fun. Me no likey. I might as well finish packing my stuff and also get my scripts done a.s.a.p. Come onnnnn, you can do it!

Caleb gave 300 bucks for a small favour *grin* (Weeeee~! I is love money… money makes I R happy) and is all pleased with my recorded voice (hohoho... what are you thinking…~) and I can pay mama for what I spent in OZ.

Mars discovered something that I tried hard to conceal. She went ‘Ohh!’ *silent* and HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks Mars… kau memang kawan sejati. Darn concealer. It’s just so itchy all of a sudden!

We were quiet hyper today; from singing to Whitney Houston to R. Kelly I believe I can flyyyyyyyyy~~~~~” in Secret Recipe to “Gonnnneee~~~" by Nsync in the car. Aihs! So bored. I’m going to waft myself back home now and have some *me time *me activity *me movie and *me maggie.


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