Too weird to be true

This morning I received this:

“Waa… awal hari ini” - Caleb
“Fucooooo…. Punyalah awal si Fara hari ini” - Marissa
“Before 9… wow…” - Rum

When I got back home early, I received this:

“Aik?” - Papa
“Uiiii~????? awal hari ni kau nong. Bukan ada DJ???” - Nadia
“Aya????”- Cici

My part time DJing got canceled due to some home theatre exhibition held at the center court just below the DJ box. It was kinda loud so I called up my boss to see what he has to say about it. I never thought he would ever gonna give me the day off. But he did managed to slip in the just ‘only today’ note.

I never asked for a day off anyway.
Plus, am frustrated that it did not occured to me to prepare my gym stuff for back up. Must go to gym tomorrow!

So tonight it’s just me and me and me-time.
Mocha is doing some acting/film shooting at Karambunai .
This time, he is burying a dead body - Ya-ha~
Ermm.. but it's raining.. how??

I had dinner with my two little goonies in the kitchen.

Hrmmmm~ Home cooking is always the best.

Simple, filling and most importantly, FOC (Hohohoho)

Now I’m going to watch Sailormoon
(see? see? I can see your lips bengkok-bengkok already)

Laugh la… tak kesah.

I’ve been searching for the classic episodes which were very hard to find in a VHS format back in high-school. LOL! Sailormoon was so fat in the classic anime. Her body slowly became longer and leaner till the final series. Vast!

Thanks crunchyroll! You're gorgeous!


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