80th Annual Academy Award

Aww... I know you know that the rest of the world knows that today is the 80th Annual Academy Award. You all know by now who win and who did not. Some of you watched it on the television while I am stuck in this office dancing around like mad lady. Gagagagaga!

Congratulations to Ratatouille & Sweeney Todd team!!! Oh.. to Bourne Ultimatum too… am not really excited for Bourne coz when I watched with Melissa last time, I was feeling freaking freezing cold, tired, and dozed of few times. Gagagagagga!

For the red carpet fashion parade, as much as I adore Nicole Kidman’s classiness, her bling-bling necklace is a bit too OTT (Over-The-Top); And surprisingly Keith Urban looks like Tom Cruise in one angle. Sama rupa.. sama pendek. Sedeyy~

But if there’s one thing for sure, I love the off-shoulder dresses for this year (from the upper waist only). Just look at the round thingy on
Katherine Heigl shoulder, the flowers on Anne Hathaway and the classic black flower design on Hilary Swank.

Katherine Heigl Escada dress

Anne Hathaway Marchesa goddess gown

Hilary Swank

I love seeing Jennifer Garner again. I totally missed the 5th season of ALIAS. T-T But whatever it is, the best dress that I’ve seen her in so far (which I really-really like) is definitely during the 76th Academy Award. The dress really accentuate her well-toned figure. Envy~~~

Jennifer Garner - 80th Academy Award

Jennifer Garner - 76th Academy Award

Now I hate myself for not buying the black off-shoulder dress I saw back in Perth! Grrrrr!

Oh! Anyways.. there’s my Johnny Depp, and Cici’s hubby.

Johnny Depp

The "I'm allergic to si..thi.. thinammon" Rock

Hehehehe.... I also adore Lisa Rinna’s hair style and hair colour

Hrmm… I swear I hear mocha saying “NoOoOOooOo!!!!!!”


Oh-Oh!!! Just look at Kristin Chenoweth sexy back! Yummy~

Like any other awards, there must be few who dressed.. ermm… wrongly. Well, I am not in the right position to give comments. But oh well, these are those which are kinda odd.

First, Tilda Swinton looks like a red-haired Ju On. And what’s up with the hand on the shoulder? I bet tomorrow’s news will be, - “Tilda Swinton caught singing an old Chinese patriotic song, - Chi… Chiloy Chiloy Chiloy!” - Tralalalala.

Next is Jennifer Hudson. This dress makes her boobs look
bigger and widerrrrrr!!!!

And this… well… no complains actually… the dress is a-ok
on Adrienne Frantz… but she looks like an escaped mermaid.

And what's with THIS???!!!!! I feel like stepping on it!

Anne Jeffreys

Aaa well. That’s it for this year!

Better luck for nice dresses next year!


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