The Toyols - 1 minute Mission Impossible

(*nice dream*....*funny dream*... *scary dream*... *panic dream*.....Hrmm... life is so good... even the alarm clock hasn't make any sound yet...)


"kenapa tak bunyi lagi ni? Dudududududu~ *continue dreaming*...


........................ "ok seriously.. kenapa tak bunyi lagi"

*got up... get my handphone*


MOFU!!!!!! It's 8.15am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I accidentally forgotten to set the alarm clock last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baka Baka Baka!!!!

# *Dush* Shower~ Shower~ Shower~ (Oh... sangat best!)
# "Hrmm~~ what to wear ... what to wear..." (Lalalalala)
# *make-up* *make-up* *lotion* (Hrmm wangi~)

Oh Shaits! It's 8.45a.m!!!!

# *VroooOOooOooOOOoooOoOMmMmMM!!!!!* (Rempit mode)
# Oh Dang! Mr. Koh's car!!! Cut in! Cut in! Cut in!
# Run upstairs! (Come on bobidom!! You can do it.. you'll lose few calories for climbing the stairs)
# Beeep!!!!! Arrived fashionably late and safe at 9.08a.m
# Walking fairly fast to
MMD department.. *spotted few colleagues* "Oh hello~ hello~ good morning~ ohohohoho" (walking slowly... cover.. cover)* Continue walking fast!
# Arrived in
MMD (Yey!!!!) look at marissa (she has the "late again... as usual.. don't bother" look on her face (Tralalalala)
# Giggle "ohohohohoho" (Fuh~)


Switched on PC... and Rummy Mummy MSN me:


"How're the dark circles? (Evil look)", asked Rummy.
"fuchoooooo, i terlupa set the alarm clock =_="
"sgt French Connection United Kingdom ok!!!!"
"terlupa... or "ter" lupa?"
"I woke up
8.15am, then rush like a mad woman"
"Arrived at ofc 9.10am"
"Pekerja berhemah sungguh"
ur always a mad woman anyway..."
"Kurang asaaaaaaam"
"Heheh..normally wht time u sampai?"
"Aaaaaa ohohohohoho ^^ "
"Used to be before 8... then after 8... nowadays after 8.30....b4 9 ^^ (with no guilty feeling or whatsoever) Ohohohoho"
"And wht time are u SUPPOSED to be there?"
"Tralalala between 8-8.30"
"They should hv a monthly award.."pekerja paling lewat dan berhemah". I'll grab all 12 for sure and arrange the trophies in my room"
"YOU CAME IN AN HOUR LATE???? wow... rofl...well, at least u don't leave early"


I am soooo not a morning person. I seriously need to improve my body clock.


Anyways, last Tuesday, someone got into Mars's car. Yes! and the thing is nothing big was stolen, only her piggy and dinosour plush and also her cool black shades. O_o weird thief ... and it made me seriously wonder what the thief has with soft plushies and a cool shades .

"Oh~ black shades... I look super cool... (walking away..... and stopped...) Uuuu~ cute 'babi(s)', might as well take it"

Bangking gila! LOL!!!! instead of stealing marissa's cute angel poring, the stereo, money or whatever 'lap sap' that Mars have in her car... the thief decided to snatched a small patung babi!!!!

Soooo... we decided to bug Terry from the CSD department and look what we found out in the CCTV playback:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! Little Toyols!!! I should've listened to Marissa and just bang them while driving. (Marissa's detest for kids- Up 3 level) LOL!


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