Off to serenity

Packing…. Done!
Guest DJ Script… Checked!
Compile songs for part time DJ….. Checked!
Dye Hair…. Checked!

Huraaaay for me!!!

After 6 months of pampering by Julia, I decided to go old-style by re-dying my hair by myself. I have another 1 hour plus to spare this morning anyway… and weeee! My hair colour is all balance and vibrant again!

Alright.. final check.. hope I don’t forget all the important stuff or else I’ll be in a deep shaits mood.

I’ll be away till Friday and Oh! If you’re single or just feel like laughing… go to Mr. Valentine's event on Valentine’s, 10pm at Shenanigan. I’ll be there *to do my job* i.e. covering events for GoLife! and laughing my head of / be awed (cross fingers).

Woops! My ride is here… gotta go!


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