Nadia is now invading Bobidom

Hi.This is Nadia, Aya's baby sister.

Today the word 'early' is the top word in Aya's daily dictionary.

She went to work early and she came home very early as well.

She told me that she slept in the office for the first time in her life.
She tambah nasi dua kali also.... *rare*

She told me she wanted to watch sailor moon.
But in the end sailor moon watched her.

Aya sleeps very early too!
She slept around 9+.

I thought it is AMAZING!


Now is 12am
I woke aya up to ask her to wash her face.

This is what happened.

My blog is also nice.
You are welcome to NadTomoyo’s home anytime.

(I should do this more often.Ku~kukukukuku…)


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