Omg! Omg! Omg!

I had the scariest toilet experience in my life today!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!!!

I was dead bored waiting for a freaking more than 1/2 hour in the car, waiting for Caleb just to find him happily eating popcorn at the KKIP Sepanggar Canteen with his client. Hello Boss!!! What happened to the ‘I just want to pass a quotation – u wait in the car – order’ HUH???!!!

Erghh! Come on laaa! Have some courtesy to at least SMS and inform me so that I can join you, or that I can lepak at the canteen while waiting for you rather than waiting like a child been punished and abandoned in the car no? Arghhh!!!!

Scrap that!

Back to my story.

Well I was darn cannot tahan and need to pee. Stupid female toilet!! It was the dirtiest office toilet I’ve ever seen in my entire life! And please note, it is a LADIES locked-only-office-people-can-access’ type of toilet we’re talking about here OKAY????~

I was doing my thing and yada-yada-yada, went out to wash my hand at the sink, fix my hair in front of the mirror, apply lip gloss and do what girls do when SUDDENLY....

A FREAKING PILAK MAN’S HEAD popped out & exposed ONLY HIS FACE, UP UNTIL HIS UPPER LIPS *just like how you witnessed in a freaking ghost / thriller movie* from the 2nd toilet cubicle behind LOOKING at me in the mirror!!!!!

We were staring at each other for like 2 1/2 secs, blank, stunned, raising heart beat, me looking at his reflected dark skin, bald head and white BULGING eyes in the mirror and when I turned back, he hid himself back inside (I think it is rather stupid)


It scared the shit outta me!!!

HOW THE HECK DID HE GET INTO A LOCKED LADIES TOILETTTTT????? (*@&%#(*&$@#%*(&$*(^@()O*^(*QW#E*^@*#&$

If you tersalah masuk, you should've closed the door and kept urself quiet in the cubicle! Ini tidak! Coz as I got out from my cubicle, i saw all doors were ajar as how it was when I first came in.



I turned back, took 2 steps towards the cubicle where he hid himself in; with so many things suddenly ran through my head!! i.e. Ghost??? Ju-On??? Hum-Sap??? (curiosity) & "Fara DON'T!!!! Get out! Get out! You are alone! Get Out! Get Out!" Garghh!!! Anything could have happened to me! I could have been robbed or worst, RAPED!!!

As I neared the cubicle, my heart was pumping like it’s about to burst out. I listened to the warning instinct I had and decided to stop, turn back and run out. FUCCKKKKK!!!! That whatever thing is just 2 small cubicles away i.e. 5 steps way from me!!! Anything could have happened!!! i.e. He could've threatened me with a knife and grabbed my bag, or flash his *anu at me or do any other things to shut me up.

I wanted to tell someone as I stepped outside the toilet but all I got was ‘psst! Psst’ / ‘Hi~ Pewwitt’ / ‘Boleh kenal?’ from the people around, the worker, the canteen people to the PILAKS around!!!

‘why didn’t you screamed?’, Caleb cheekily asked me
*bongok, Semua salah kau tau tak!*

That’s the thing. I can’t scream! It has always been like that. I just can’t scream especially when I’m super-duper-trooper afraid/scared of something. It just won’t come out!

FUCKK!!!! Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!

I’m still freaking scared & traumatised right now!


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