Rain.. Rain.. go away
Come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day...


It has been raining non stop these past few days

Seriously… I like it.

Especially the fact that I don’t have to switch on my air-cond at night.

But what pissing me off is that all of my laundries are not dry! Especially work pants.

When work pants are not dry… I have to wear skirt!

Fyi, wearing skirt to work only occurs when I’m in a sexy mood / no work pants.

We have a dryer at home. But I can’t complain why mama doesn’t want to encourage the maid to use it…
(coz I’m not the one who’s paying the house bill, that’s why)

Sigh~ sooner or later, the dryer need to be utilized. Or else, I won’t even have any more panties and bras to wear.

*that won’t be a problem for me*
I swear
I can hear si sotong saying that in my head.

I received his offline msn message,


OMG!!! u slept early!!! XD”

*applying make up*

Shaits. I’m late. Gtg.


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