Qua Sha and Artistry

After the long wait, I finally learned the technique of qua sha.

It was a super fun experience and Mars was my model! XD

Qua Sha is done to improve the blood circulation on the face or body and helps to promote the cell growth in our skin. The qua sha or gua sha uses a tool made from a bull's horn and each tool is vary in shape depending on the parts of your body.

So like you and me, we all want to be forever21. (heh! :P) but there's no way in the world we can stop aging... but still, as they say, we can delay them :)

When you do gua sha facial, you can see that you'll have:

1) Decrease in dark circles and eye bags/puffiness (like me!)
2) Skin lift (your face will appear shaper, lifted AND slimmer). If you have puffy/bread face, you'll love this! And that includes reduce in double chin!
3) Reduce in fine lines
4) Firmer and smoother skin as well as more radient look.
5) Dark spot lighten and uneven skin tone will be improved

When you combine qua sha with the outstanding Artistry product (see right side on my blog for the thumbnail), all i can say is, you'll be surprised and VERY HAPPY :)

And now, I'm SO excited that I can do it on my own, at my own time!!! XD
If i practice again and again on at least another 5 people, i can even have people to pay for my 'service'

Can't wait to do it on myself tomorrow!
Learning something new and interesting is ALWAYS fun!

Hopefully next time i'll be able to join culinary arts class.
If you guys happen to stumble upon any in KK, do buzz me ^_^


After a long day of learning a lot of things, BB & I got hungry and decided to try Ice & Fire cafe at Lintas for a snack.

See the ice cream above?
It's HUGE!

I on the other hand opted for a scoop of yoghurt ice cream.

You guys should go and try out their food.
The selections are not that bad surprisingly :)

Aight~ time to jump off to bed.

Nite peeps!

I feel molested =_=

I didn't know that breast scanning can be such an embarrassing and dreadful moment.
I feel so molested getting touched and massaged like she owns my boobs and every detail part of it ><"

But the result made me concern :(
It's not funny definitely.
I need to extra cut down and change the way i eat.

As I'm driving back

a sudden thought strikes me and made me realise,
that what i planned before and hope to have at this point of time,
has already been achieved by those who are very close and dear to me.

i work hard and put my heart for it god knows.
but it just seem so far away to reach,
getting further and further away each day.

which part did I do wrong?

i'm angry and got very irritated with myself,
with the whole situation.

i envy them.

It's always good to have a happy Friday

..and that includes a good lunch ^_^

I finally tried the mee laksa i drooled over before in Angeline/Monica's Food blog *follow them* .
It was alright. Creamy. But it does lack of the 'ummph' / 'kick' taste.
For those who doesn't fancy spicy meal like Rina would feel happy.
As for myself, I had to throw in 3 set of sambal *the sambal is good btw* into my dish to bring out the taste.
Nevertheless, I LOVE the mee tuaran they used as a substitute to normal mee.

Might go back there again but not anytime soon.
Click here for the wikimapia map I added XD


Anyway, Jiao is back!!!
She's baccccccccck~~~ I'm so happy!!!
BB found her lying sadly at the side of my office car park right after we got back from lunch.
She must have dropped from the screw and got taunted by the anjing kurap :( (ish!)
Damn screw.
I'm gonna screw her back permanently to the screw handle using gam gajah or UHU glue. Hmmp!
He're Jiao and Kuku on Valentine's day.

Now you know who is Kuku & Jiao right? LOL!!!!!
Most people will definitely get annoyed by this coz all this while they thought jiao is my real life pet. HAHAHAHA! *kof *kof
As Marissa said, "now kukujiao can be together ever after~ <3"


Tomorrow is earth hour (27th march) organised by WWF.
Do support them by turning off your light only for 60 minutes from 8.30pm - 9.30pm okay?
It's that easy.
You can have romantic candle light dinner duing that time XD Heh!
Oh! Read this article: TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour
Damn funny. If it is true, screw TNB.
This is the same site which published Sabah & Sarawak to be relocated by the way.


Tomorrow also, is going to be an all-learning day.
Firstly, a health-day: nutritional talk on cancerous food + breast cancer examination at AC Beauty Lane, Damai.
Then, Artistry + Guasha class at Citymall later in the afternoon.
I'm telling you, i've been using artistry full set since a week ago and i'm loving the product so much, i promise i wont part with it just like any other Artistry member.
My skin is all smooth and moisturized, i don't even care if i'm out without makeup!

If you want to try + free first time facial at the comfort of your home (in KK), don't hesitate to buzz me.
I'll help you arrange your appointment with my beautician.
This is not an advertisement post, THAT i can promise you.
It's really is a very good (as good as dermalogica but less expensive) and definitely a must try product.

Can't wait!

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can both be good or bad.

It is bad when your circle of friends encouraging you to do something that is wrong / against your believe (go figure);
and it is also good when it comes to do something that will benefit yourself, such as to improve health and well being, or to become a better person.

One of the good peer pressure example for myself in my weekly routine would be at the gym.

Few hours ago, i was in the middle of an 'almost-die' yoga class.
I say 'almost-die' coz today, Angeline, taught us on how to do a REAL yoga technique with few secret tips a yoga practitioner should be doing + another hour of spinning class.
I know... @_@ Hate to break the news but all this while we were doing a MILD and basic yoga (and that itself made me sweat like...*insert any word here*).

Anyway, after the yoga class, i felt extremely tired and made a lot of excuses in my head to not proceed to the spinning class :P (aren't we all good at making excuses).
But Monica and Jack, though they are similarly tired as I am, still managed to drag their asses to the next 1 hour spinning class.
In conclusion, i obliged to their invitation (tho i hesitated at first) and feel DAMN GOOD that i actually completed the class!!! Wohoo!!! XD

Well this is not the best example actually, but... you get what i mean :P

All this, whether good or bad peer pressure won't work if you don't have self-determination, self control and discipline.
Determination to say NO to bad things (when your mind say YES YES YES),
and determination to say YES to good thing (when your mind say NO NO NO).

If you have these traits, i'm pretty sure eventually, people will have high respect on you, your decisions and your vision :)

Now, I'm not saying that i have all these traits you see :)
I, like anyone else, still working on it every time i face any peer pressure situation.
But i always make sure that i win against it XD


What's your peer pressure? ^_^

Happy 2NE9 Bday Sayang =3

Who said routine surprise can't work? =3
With the help of my friends, BB's surprise birthday party this year is once again, a success XD

Honestly speaking, knowing me personally, he kinda expected/predicted a surprise party for himself.
Frankly from my own mouth, no doubt i WILL do it.
Day by day, he waited and tried to decipher/get ready for any possibility of an early birthday surprise; to the point of thinking "this is it, there'll be a surprise this Friday/tonight/few hours before my bday like last year"...
when the time he predicted came....
nothing happened XD
*insert BB scratching head in confusion*

In conclusion, let's just say, this year's birthday, we caught him off guard... AGAIN! XD

This year's early surprise birthday party was celebrated 3 days ahead during weekend at Oliver's Warhammer shop called JustWargame at 1st floor of Karamunsing New Phase.

Not only does this place means special to him (BB love Warhammer + Oliver is his friend/BB worked for him before), it is also a place where he will NEVER expected a surprise to happen.

I am not close with Oliver actually, but if it weren't for him lending his place this year, I would have never be able to pull this off/find a venue without BB predicting a surprise waiting for his arrival.

Thank you Oliver!!!

The annual 'cream on face' routine

Few other people that I would like to thank is definitely Marissa for handling the cake, Massy for the 'crowd control', Mei for the beautiful Polaroid pictures and most importantly, my very own sister who managed the food and everything else for the party at the venue (i.e. organising food, cleaning up and lots more).

Last but not least is of course the contributors i.e. Bryan, J.Na, Zack and Rina for the extra food and party utensils (please lemme know if i forgot to mention anyone) as well as all guests who spent few hours of their time to come and made it all happened :)

You guys, are as usual, G.R.E.A.T!

Ezwan, Cici, Me, BB and Nadia

1/4 of total crowd

Kueh made by my Grandma. BB love Pulut Seri Muka (the green kueh)

Contributions from friends :)

The return of Chocolate Indulgence and some Polaroids taken by Mei

Me, BB, Mei and JJ Jet

Massy, J.Na and JJ Jet

Sharrif, BB and Elson

Jack-Jack, Dasaru, Bev and Soh

John and Mars playing Peek-A-Boo

Edgar and BB

Penky and Chris

Some gifts from friends :)

BB and Kwan

Randy, BB and Kwan

Nich and BB

PS: Some pics taken from Massy :) TQ Massy!

On the day before the party, BB's dad also brought us out for a family dinner at Sushi King to celebrate BB's early birthday =3
It was also my first time eating out with them all :)

Fuh~ Now that all the early celebration is done, today is FINALLY the actual Birthday of my BB.

It's not much hoo haa as the early surprise bday party of course :)
We only celebrated it with a simple lunch at Sushi King AGAIN (yes, he's a sushi freak), watched DayBreaker and had a snack/cake at Secret Recipe :)

Oh! Oh! Sushi King have a few new sushis and they are quiet delicious.

At Secret Recipe, we had a slice of Durian Cheesecake.
It 'feels' like a pure durian.
But it tasted... so-so :)

And oh... I chopped off and re-coloured my hair this morning =3
*It feels sooooooooooooo comfortable to cut it back short!*

For this year's present from me, I bought what BB wished for...
A brand new PS3 game Final Fantasy 13 :)
just to add a little spice to it,
i added a little extra surprise gift called The God of War 3!!!!

*Now, I believe you'll notice why i marked 'T_T' in one of the pictures above* Heh =P .. :(

But no worries, it all settled by the way :)

What's most important now is......

Happy Birthday Sayanggggg!!!!!

^0^ *sotong kissssuuuuuuu*

PS: Mama and Cici always call me Lucifer the Cat of Disney Cinderella =_= From the above pics, I cannot deny it myself =_=

Nite everyone! Meow~


Sometimes i wonder...

does my opinion/what i think/what i feel even matter when u answer your own question?

you still do it anyway so why do i even bother?

"No choice" is not the answer.

We ALWAYS have a choice.
We can ALWAYS make a choice.

In the end, it goes down to whether or not you want/ready to do it/make it happen.

Spoon feeding/guidance/motivation/encouragement/other people's patient & confidence for/in you can only last you till this much.

It all starts with YOU.

No one better to help you than YOU, YOURSELF.

Artistry Luxury Creme LX

After being almost deaf doing the editing and listening to the VO recording for my UMS project, I decided to give my eyes and EARS a rest.
The video is becoming so kucar kacir with the new requests =_=
I'm beginning to lose my interest and heart for it.
"it jaz irotaytes me you know?! I hap a soL!!!" XD XD XD *you gotta watch THIS parody of the original Gingers have Soul youtube video to get the inside joke XD*

Anyways, there's this hoo haa about Jack Neo extramarital affair over the Youtube and I didn't have slightest clue of what they were talking about in the video.
So as usual, i annoyed Mars to translate it for me XD
*Geez... I really need a proper Mandarin class =_=*

Went to Amway Artistry Creme LX launch last night at Pan Pac.
*hooray! it's finally here in Malaysia!*

Fyi, Artistry luxury creme LX is an anti-aging and a face lifting product that helps the skin to act 15 years younger.
This luxury creme is suggested for those who are at the age of 30 and above and wants to get unparalleled hydration, enhanced elasticity, definition, smoothness and diminished the aging fine lines.
The 2 rare ingredients in this luxury creme have also been patent by Artistry so that no other product in the world can copy it.

Sandra Bullock uses it too :)

Just in case you don't know, Artistry is a cosmetic product that is underrated (not many people know of it coz it's under Amway), but in actuality, it is the top 5 best cosmetic product in the WORLD. Get it? WOOOOORRRRLLLDDD~~~~ XD

During the talk by the scientist himself, they showed us the before (most left), after (middle) and with make up (most right) photo of 6 Amway senior members who tried the product in a span of 6 weeks.

In her 30s

In her 40s

In her 50s

Amway Ambassador (I think... 50s? 60?) Cant remember =P

I know... my camera definitely didn't do much justice here coz it looked SO much better off camera.

Point is, I was so amazed with the product and have put it on top of my list when i hit 30.
Heck, I would even buy it now if i want to, but my upperline advised me not to and asked me to be patient and enjoy my 'late 20s' youth.
*Geez... late 20s equally sound 'old' to me XD*

Hence, for now, I might just buy 1 for my mom's Mother's day gift and let her be the luckiest and sexiest guinea pig model XD XD XD
If you want to buy one for your mom or even yourself (if you're 30 and above and don't mind splurging for beauty investment), just PM me ok?
The price is RM830 by the way.

Didn't I say it's a luxury creme? =P


Home Sweet Monday

It's been awhile since I'm back home early from work.
My usual routine would be Wake up - Work - Lunch - Work - Gym - Dinner - Back home just to sleep XD
I kinda miss hanging out at home, dinner with family, guling-guling in front of the TV gossiping with mama and just have a simple discussion about business and etc with my dad :)

Last night my sis, Cici, brought her friend home to do a free facial treatment for both of us using the Artistry product range that she's currently using.
It was so pampering, i wish they were my maid XD Heh~

After the facial session, i have to admit, Artistry is actually a very good yet underrated product.
I even think it is equally as good as Dermalogica, SK2 and the range I'm using now called YES Paris.
(I maybe wrong coz products may vary to different skin type).
My sis had been recommending it to me before, but it got delayed due to my unfinished product range that time OR i just simply forgot about it and went on trying something else XD

So since my YES Paris product is going to finish in about 2 weeks, I'm considering on trying this range next.

Also, I'm planning to join Artistry facial demo class on the 27th March next week for their ArtistryProduct + Chinese traditional Gua Sha technique for the face.
Cici's friend did it on us during our facial, and we were very surprise with the outcome.
It DOES have the lifting effect! and the best part is, our face look slimmer and less puffer fish face XD XD XD
This is like even better than going for facial at beauty salon!
No wonder most people in China practicing Gua Sha method.

In order to join this class on the 27th, I might need a back up model for me to practice this technique on.
All 'my' model need to do is just sit there and enjoy free facial done by ME. Muahahahaha!
Fyi, my initial model is suppose to be my own sister, but she might be busy with work.
Another back up model is suppose to be BB, but I think he's quiet hesitant on being labeled 'gay'. Hahahahaha.
I even went to the extend of offering him a free once a week love-love-facial.

See lah if he is interested.

Anybody else interested? XD

Heavy Rain

BB just bought 'Heavy Rain', a new PS3 game with a Wii-like motion sensor.
Cut story short, it is like a real life Sims where you choose several options to determine the next action/dialogue/expression of motion.
The best part of this game is, it's very detail (especially the facial expression) and you can be 'sucked' into it emotionally XD

Aaaaanyways, one of the method of playing this game is that you have to shake or move the controller to do an action.
It can be frustrating at times... but it sure is funny as hell watching BB doing it XD XD XD

One of the example is when BB tried to shake the juice for breakfast:

Haha! See how frustrating it is JUST to drink a juice? XD

The winner of all 'shake' moment goes toooooooo......
(note: see the end part)


and you know what the best part is? ;)










His grandma was juuuuust right beside him XD


I just sent you a nudge. click to see wall to wall.

I feel so bored in the office these few days :(

I'm trying to get myself productive, but the client is slower than a turtle!

Even facing FB everyday makes me want to throw up =___=

*turning away from computer screen and grab pen and paper*



"what is e.f.f?", Alvin asked.
So I say "Go fuck yourself :)" with a smile.

LOL! This is what boredom can do to you.



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