Happy 2NE9 Bday Sayang =3

Who said routine surprise can't work? =3
With the help of my friends, BB's surprise birthday party this year is once again, a success XD

Honestly speaking, knowing me personally, he kinda expected/predicted a surprise party for himself.
Frankly from my own mouth, no doubt i WILL do it.
Day by day, he waited and tried to decipher/get ready for any possibility of an early birthday surprise; to the point of thinking "this is it, there'll be a surprise this Friday/tonight/few hours before my bday like last year"...
when the time he predicted came....
nothing happened XD
*insert BB scratching head in confusion*

In conclusion, let's just say, this year's birthday, we caught him off guard... AGAIN! XD

This year's early surprise birthday party was celebrated 3 days ahead during weekend at Oliver's Warhammer shop called JustWargame at 1st floor of Karamunsing New Phase.

Not only does this place means special to him (BB love Warhammer + Oliver is his friend/BB worked for him before), it is also a place where he will NEVER expected a surprise to happen.

I am not close with Oliver actually, but if it weren't for him lending his place this year, I would have never be able to pull this off/find a venue without BB predicting a surprise waiting for his arrival.

Thank you Oliver!!!

The annual 'cream on face' routine

Few other people that I would like to thank is definitely Marissa for handling the cake, Massy for the 'crowd control', Mei for the beautiful Polaroid pictures and most importantly, my very own sister who managed the food and everything else for the party at the venue (i.e. organising food, cleaning up and lots more).

Last but not least is of course the contributors i.e. Bryan, J.Na, Zack and Rina for the extra food and party utensils (please lemme know if i forgot to mention anyone) as well as all guests who spent few hours of their time to come and made it all happened :)

You guys, are as usual, G.R.E.A.T!

Ezwan, Cici, Me, BB and Nadia

1/4 of total crowd

Kueh made by my Grandma. BB love Pulut Seri Muka (the green kueh)

Contributions from friends :)

The return of Chocolate Indulgence and some Polaroids taken by Mei

Me, BB, Mei and JJ Jet

Massy, J.Na and JJ Jet

Sharrif, BB and Elson

Jack-Jack, Dasaru, Bev and Soh

John and Mars playing Peek-A-Boo

Edgar and BB

Penky and Chris

Some gifts from friends :)

BB and Kwan

Randy, BB and Kwan

Nich and BB

PS: Some pics taken from Massy :) TQ Massy!

On the day before the party, BB's dad also brought us out for a family dinner at Sushi King to celebrate BB's early birthday =3
It was also my first time eating out with them all :)

Fuh~ Now that all the early celebration is done, today is FINALLY the actual Birthday of my BB.

It's not much hoo haa as the early surprise bday party of course :)
We only celebrated it with a simple lunch at Sushi King AGAIN (yes, he's a sushi freak), watched DayBreaker and had a snack/cake at Secret Recipe :)

Oh! Oh! Sushi King have a few new sushis and they are quiet delicious.

At Secret Recipe, we had a slice of Durian Cheesecake.
It 'feels' like a pure durian.
But it tasted... so-so :)

And oh... I chopped off and re-coloured my hair this morning =3
*It feels sooooooooooooo comfortable to cut it back short!*

For this year's present from me, I bought what BB wished for...
A brand new PS3 game Final Fantasy 13 :)
just to add a little spice to it,
i added a little extra surprise gift called The God of War 3!!!!

*Now, I believe you'll notice why i marked 'T_T' in one of the pictures above* Heh =P .. :(

But no worries, it all settled by the way :)

What's most important now is......

Happy Birthday Sayanggggg!!!!!

^0^ *sotong kissssuuuuuuu*

PS: Mama and Cici always call me Lucifer the Cat of Disney Cinderella =_= From the above pics, I cannot deny it myself =_=

Nite everyone! Meow~


3 Responses to "Happy 2NE9 Bday Sayang =3"

Admin said... March 24, 2010 at 12:46 AM

I will always be and still am so in love with you.

Thanks Bb for the best birthday again! ^.^

maslight said... March 24, 2010 at 1:03 AM

Ko mimang tak tahan rambut panjang! I knew it! I knew this was coming! I mean the hair ;)

d1n0za said... March 24, 2010 at 1:52 PM

Looks like an awesome for the man himself. Too bad I can't join the celebration. Glad everyone had a blast!


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