It's always good to have a happy Friday

..and that includes a good lunch ^_^

I finally tried the mee laksa i drooled over before in Angeline/Monica's Food blog *follow them* .
It was alright. Creamy. But it does lack of the 'ummph' / 'kick' taste.
For those who doesn't fancy spicy meal like Rina would feel happy.
As for myself, I had to throw in 3 set of sambal *the sambal is good btw* into my dish to bring out the taste.
Nevertheless, I LOVE the mee tuaran they used as a substitute to normal mee.

Might go back there again but not anytime soon.
Click here for the wikimapia map I added XD


Anyway, Jiao is back!!!
She's baccccccccck~~~ I'm so happy!!!
BB found her lying sadly at the side of my office car park right after we got back from lunch.
She must have dropped from the screw and got taunted by the anjing kurap :( (ish!)
Damn screw.
I'm gonna screw her back permanently to the screw handle using gam gajah or UHU glue. Hmmp!
He're Jiao and Kuku on Valentine's day.

Now you know who is Kuku & Jiao right? LOL!!!!!
Most people will definitely get annoyed by this coz all this while they thought jiao is my real life pet. HAHAHAHA! *kof *kof
As Marissa said, "now kukujiao can be together ever after~ <3"


Tomorrow is earth hour (27th march) organised by WWF.
Do support them by turning off your light only for 60 minutes from 8.30pm - 9.30pm okay?
It's that easy.
You can have romantic candle light dinner duing that time XD Heh!
Oh! Read this article: TNB to sue WWF over Earth Hour
Damn funny. If it is true, screw TNB.
This is the same site which published Sabah & Sarawak to be relocated by the way.


Tomorrow also, is going to be an all-learning day.
Firstly, a health-day: nutritional talk on cancerous food + breast cancer examination at AC Beauty Lane, Damai.
Then, Artistry + Guasha class at Citymall later in the afternoon.
I'm telling you, i've been using artistry full set since a week ago and i'm loving the product so much, i promise i wont part with it just like any other Artistry member.
My skin is all smooth and moisturized, i don't even care if i'm out without makeup!

If you want to try + free first time facial at the comfort of your home (in KK), don't hesitate to buzz me.
I'll help you arrange your appointment with my beautician.
This is not an advertisement post, THAT i can promise you.
It's really is a very good (as good as dermalogica but less expensive) and definitely a must try product.

Can't wait!


3 Responses to "It's always good to have a happy Friday"

maslight said... March 26, 2010 at 4:02 PM

*geleng kepala at the sotong names.

Cath J said... March 26, 2010 at 11:25 PM

ohhh... realy?? TNB want to sue bcoz of that??? My gudness.... -.-

Aya said... March 27, 2010 at 12:19 AM

maslight: Julian yang bagi nama tu XD

Cath J: No dear. The blog is a joke blog. It looks real but it's not. You should read the relocating sabah & sarawak to west malaysia. Lagi funny.


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