Valentine's day...

It's either you love it or you hate it.
And that only happen when you see V-day in one perspective only ;)

My V-day started out way earlier.
I mean not waaaaaay early.. just 2 days ahead.
Knowing me, the event planner, BB kinda had enough of me decoding on what he's gonna do/ his point of action in giving me a surprise during birthdays, anniversaries or v-days.
I mean seriously, it's not just me, most girls do.
We just have the tiny little winy expectation instinct in us XD heh.
So getting back to my story, last Friday, BB got me a surprise by standing in front of the door to my office parking lot, with his fishy smile and a bouquet of my favourite flower in his hand.

I was speechless.
I gasped.. but didn't really gasp like bimbo gasp... but yeah.. you know what i mean.
I was literally surprised *more than last year, coz i kinda knew lol!*.
Aww....... lol.
*oh please.. don't puke*

For V-day this year, as usual, there's no other place that I wanted to go to for lunch other than my favourite Italian place, Little Italy hehehehe.

For my gift, BB bought me my first proper gym attire as a hint I gained weight coz I've always wanted it aaaaand...

my favourite of all...

The sotong phone hanger *lol!

There's a story why sotong (octopus) has always been around my relationship with BB, buuuuut i'm gonna leave it another day to tell.
But hey, it's not becoz he has girly-man personality or anything okaaaay~

For his present on the other hand, I*, for after a decade of not baking, baked chocolate lava cupcake with buttercream icing for him! *FINALLY* XD

Just look at what V-day can make you do...
And surprisingly, it's edible. Hahahahaha!

Initially I was thinking of ordering cupcakes, but after a good advice from Mars and Rina , *plus, my baker was too bz with CNY order*, I thought hey, why not? I's more personal, AND i can finally put the new oven into good use. Hehehe.

Cinemas everywhere was packed with love birds and BB and I didn't dare to line up just to get the tickets.
So I headed to his place for mini CNY with his family and watched Devil May Cry 4 complete clips, picked up the van from airport for my Kundasang trip tomorrow morning, visited my grandma and save my V-day movie after BB's family dinner.

So, there you go. My little V-day story for this year.

Remember people, V-day is a love day to be celebrated with everyone.
Not just your beau. But your friends and families too *You single/not so single people out there gotta tweaked that perspective of yours to be more optimistic*

Gotta crash now.
Take care peeps!


3 Responses to "Valentine's day..."

maslight said... February 15, 2010 at 1:27 PM

Can I is have cupcakie? kthx

sweet-girlicious said... February 15, 2010 at 5:51 PM

omg!! you both are sooo perfect together!

Aya said... February 19, 2010 at 11:04 AM

maslight> You can 'has' ze cup cake. me need to buy a proper/creative cream piping head.

Sweet-girlicious> Aww. Thank u. Hope ur beau will be back soon!!! Stay strong girl!


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