It's just not that cool anymore

And I'm talking about my trip to Kundasang :(

It used to be super fun and all... *believe me, I'm not saying this coz I'm a big kid*,
but ever since the rising hot temperature, even Ranau & Kundasang felt hot that it left my feet to have a shape of the capital letter X from my x-stripe sandals!

Oh! oh! and school holidays and increasing number of visitors from all over the place doesn't help either coz Poring hot spring now has become waaaay dirtier than it already is!
What made it worst is that, it was soooo packed that no more visitors allowed to park inside coz there's just no parking space left!

Other disgusting thing happened would be:
1) a kid whom my mom saw standing outside his personal hot pool area and aim his little brother to pee INSIDE!
2) a kid *again* whom I* saw sneezing, then wiping his mucus with his hand and threw it inside the new pool area *i cant help but to see it floating okaaaaaay* and he then jump onto it and swim around his mucus later with everyone else.

Whatever happen to civilization man...

PS: Lesson to learn... Do NOT go during weekends or holidays =_=

First stop at the craft centre near Nabalu

Mama & Casel

At Kundasang War Memorial

Sabahan troops

March of Death history

Not many flowers I must say...

Group pic

Lunch picnic in the van.. Wan's cooking is the best!

We will never miss taking pic on this bridge. Lol! This bridge is so overrated XD


Izwan and Kamal

Flower for BB's home. It's so cheap, I regretted for not buying more.

More photos from the trip here :)


3 Responses to "It's just not that cool anymore"

maslight said... February 17, 2010 at 8:39 AM

Erk~ like ew!!!! wth! =_= kids these days. Yes, the weather has been crazy these days. I mean seriously. The time I went was so hot that I let my bro take most of the photos. Heat wave.

naith_kk said... February 24, 2010 at 1:55 PM

I have to agree with the "coolness" factor - it's just not as chilly as it was during the time we were kids...

... you haven't see a kid poop in them pools, have you... I have... >.<

Aya said... February 24, 2010 at 2:01 PM

@0@ .. omg... =_=


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