Have you googled your name before?

Mars and I went all random this morning.
And we started to goodle our name and nickname over the internet.
Not to be surprised,
coz lots of the search results came out with my blog listings including the old ones from xanga and Yahoo 360 blog I had before.
*huaaaa i missed the old times*
The traveling,
the doki-doki moment when I was with Mr Julian,
the golife e-magazine time when i constantly out with marissa doing reviews on food and events,
the old venture of confusing relationships,
the fun moments in office when i was merely and assistant unit manager/multimedia engineer and not a unit manager...

But one thing that surprised us though...
My blog post was copied by one particular website...
and it's not just any website..

It's a payudara besar website HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!
I felt more funny then upset.
Oh well lol!

Who doesn't want free money?

I know i do.

I have been researching and studying on how people can become internet millionaire so easily.
Along the way, i noticed that most of them are scam or spam.
BUT there are some which actually work in a way it is so straightforward and simple, and just because they are super famous, people labeled them as scam too.
Now which is right and which is wrong?

One that caught my attention was Jason Tan - Only in Malaysia Mah.
I stumbled upon his website during my search for free money to fill some extra cash in my pocket.
His identity is questioned, but some claimed his method was soooo simple, you don't have to sign up thousands of ringgits to meet internet guru.
So am curious..
Lemme know if anyone of you bought his eBook.

Oh! My ASB bank book has been revived.
I lost it during my stay in KL.
The last time i remembered, i only left the account with RM50 inside.
*hah~ uni life... no savings at all*
And now, with all the dividends and all, I now have RM250 inside after 5 years+ of not touching it. Haha.
Yeah it's not a lot.. buy hey~ it's free money hoho.
Now am gonna pump that baby bank with lotsa moolah now hua hua hua.
Plus, i need to add up my savings to buy/move some furniture next year including getting some moving quotes from local companies for my new apartment ;)
Yeap.. this is the 'key' i was talking about before.

I hope it will soon become a descent and homey apartment :)
I can't wait for JJ Jet's Interior design!!! ^_^
Jet designed Boutique Cupcakes outlet before, and being a practical person, I believe he understand what both Julian and I need. *coz we both have the same need, yet clashed in terms of concept*!
So in the end, i kind of agreed to what BB emphasized on and he agreed to not touch my kitchen! LOL!

Am not gonna reveal where and how it look like inside for now as it's still empty :)
Wish me luck! and don't forget to recommend me some movers company, something like Dallas moving service or Austin movers with great discounts!

PS: Sigh~ I need to make more money to clear that ptptn study loan and add more to savings for my future + travels + entertainment.


Whimsical treats to brighten up your day

Fuah.. gila kenyang.
It has been awhile since i last ate seafood at Gayang Seafood Restaurant.
Since Papa.... *shit omg! Jiro just snap one of the keyboard key. Mama's gonna kill me!* hold on.


Ok.. As i was saying...
Since papa just got back from KL and going off again to Jakarta tomorrow, he insisted on a family dinner with my mom and all 3 siblings around.
With all the food served...detox plan of the day failed again XD
Gargh.. i'll just start tomorrow.
Office is still the safest place for detoxing.

We held a first birthday celebration at Boutique Cupcakes just now.
It was for one of our new baking team member, Edy.

We really didn't know it was his bday till he announced it XD
So Sharon and Wei Wei made 3 simple cupcakes.

Upon my signal, we all sang the Birthday song and took a group picture together.

Sigh... unfortunately Mei & Jet were not there ><"
So for everybody to remember each others birthday, I collected all dates and pasted on the kitchen and front counter's notice board =3

Yes... I'm still at the 'ekor' (tail) of every year XD

Had so much fun today.
I can't remember when i stop laughing with Bev, Desmond and Hung2.
We all now have a Chinese name with certain intonation.
My name now is 'No Fa La fei Ling' Hahahahhaa
Nvm.. it's an inside joke. Too long to explain.

Oh! I also met my old school friend, Charlene.

It was nice seeing her again.
Her goofiness is still there.
She reminded me of our high school day, sitting together at the last row in the school van chatting non stop!
But now, i always run out of ideas what to talk about *aihs*

This kid is our customer's son.
He is SO CUTE! I love seeing kids eating their cupcake.
They never complain.

Some of them got lucky and won the Boutique Cupcakes Golden Tickets too!

Walk in customer was A LOT today.
The counter was so busy i couldn't entertain phone calls @_@

We also have new design for our '1 for the Survivor' breast cancer fund raising campaign.
Sharon is so creative ^^

Other custom design Sharon and Wei Wei did for our customers who pre-ordered...

Anyways, if you guys have any last minute celebration or plan to surprise or present a gift to your loved ones, you can always grab any one of our 12 flavours from the cupcake counter and request for free wording writing and free simple ribbon.
If you want it to look nicer, just add RM2 for fondant wording (Not more than 15 words) and RM2 for Boutique Cupcakes Ribbon.
We have a box of 6, 12 and 25 with cupcake inserts to secure your cupcakes ;)

The 12 flavours are:

Move flavours to come soon and we might need to seperate them by days :)
Anyways, look forward to our HALLOWEEN Special Cupcake Design starting next Tuesday till 31st October 2010!!!
You can pre-order them for any celebrations too.

Nighty nite!


That's ok... Everything happens for a reason :)

Another tired yet productive weekend :)
I feel dreadful every time Sunday arrives as it signals me that Monday is coming,
and i have to crack my brain to find more projects and do lots of follow ups ><"
Why can't i make money while i'm sleeping just like the bald headed guy in the marketing seminar i went to?
He bragged about how he bought an expensive sports car with cash...
Having difficulty choosing lunch between Japanese food or Korean food (while others home cooked or went for KFC or McD value meals) yet still making money while he sleeps, breathe or do business in the toilet.
Envy him.
Hope this coming November i'll be able to figure it all out as what I'm currently doing just doesn't work =_="

My 2nd day of detox plan failed as i keep on forgetting to take my proper detox drink routine while doing my part time work.
I even forgot to drink water, felt dehydrated and suffered from headache *pfft
Just realized i didn't sit all day as i was having too much fun selling those cupcakes and consulting the customers ^_^
At least to energized myself, I bought yogurt and banana for breakfast and snack on my way back with mama just now.
Must not keep those carbs away. Need em to keep me going ;)

Hehe... they say i looked like a boy with my hair put behind my ear and the hat on my head XD
Hung-hung (the one in glasses) almost didn't recognize me when she arrived in the morning lol.

We had Nasi Ayam German for lunch.
My grandma is catering lunch and dinner for Boutique Cupcakes during weekend starting this week :) *thanks Mei*
Was glad all of them loved the food :)

Heh :P This was taken by Desmond.
Sudahlah my muka naturally look garang (!!!) *despite my cheerful character* he continuously tried to take an ugly candid photo of myself than it already is XD
Unfortunately for him, most got deleted with lots of body pinching in between hohoho XD

We also have new members in the baking team, Eddie and Jing Cheng.

Today's custom design is treated by Jing Cheng :)

I must say that we have a great baking team with lots of creative talents.
Angeline can finally take a breather once in awhile :)

Oh! Kittens are doing fine.
Took lots of photos but keep on forgetting to upload them :P
They are few days away to 8 weeks old now :)

Oh no... the girl kitten's photo are in the HTC phone :( *will upload it soon*
Fed them cat wormer including Trisha the mother last week.
Their silent fart is killing me =_="
Trisha is as usual, being picky with food and always crave for wet food.
Kittens on the other hand are easy to take care off.
They eat whatever given to them (Friskies food of course) and one of the kittens love being fed by hand :p
When you feed him, he'll bite the friskies one by one while others eating directly from the food bowl ^_^

At the current situation, I'm not sure till when will I be permitted to take care of them as the rightful owner(s) are planning to take them away.
In the mean time, I'll just continue whatever i'm doing to make them healthy and away from harm.

After what happened last week, i've been gathering my thoughts and trying to answer endless questions.
I was seek for help, i helped.
An advice was given, but it was taken wrongly (again).
And now, I'm part of the enemy of the kingdom.
Instead of being mature and talk to me directly, the private conversation that i'm replying to was shared and wrongly translated by a bad and confused translator.
I wonder where is the logical thinking person I once knew gone too.
I thought the older we get the closer and wiser we'll become.
But i forgot that sometimes the older you get, the more egoistical you'll become especially when you are career, financially and emotionally independent.
Hrmm.. I think i have made a wrong move to even care at the first place.
I should as always, mind my own business, and realise that i'm somewhat only needed when necessary.
Nevertheless, I don't regret every single thing that happened.
I have said what i have to and should say, the rest is for you to swallow and think.
"Everything happens for a reason. Every action has a reaction. Always remember that what's meant to be will always find a way to come about.”
Loved this quote.
So let's not make this world any more sadder and angrier than it already is,
I shall hop to the happy side and think of my own happiness :)

Kays! Rambling time over.
Sleep time.



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