Boutique Cupcakes is now open!!!!

Omg I'm so excited that Boutique Cupcakes is finally open TODAY!!!!
The launching went great and the shop looks great as well.

Ha! This is Boutique Cupcakes FIRST customer.
She bought a dozen of our cupcakes in mix flavours ;)

There are still few little things that is yet to be settled,
but please bear with us for the first week yeah.
We're still adjusting :P

Boutique Cupcakes also have lots of promotion for this month of october and that includes the breast cancer awareness month as well as the Golden Ticket promotion.

Click their blog for all the new flavours in the shop, including the promotion for this month

Here are few photos i took last night with Rina.

Rina loves our Apron :)
Basically she loves anything pink hehe.

Angeline and her team were there last night, busy baking for next day's launching, sales and for the after dinner cupcake party.
The whole area smell of sweet cupcakes! yummmm~~~
But you know what?
Due to overwhelming respond, Boutique Cupcakes cupcakes selling FAST during the launching this morning!!! @_@
Hence, the cupcake party has to be postponed to 10.10.10.
At this very moment, they only left some and continue baking for today's sale and early preparation for tomorrow's sale XD

It's ok.. everything has its reason :)
One of them is... our glass door is not here yet! XD
*Stupid supplier!*

For the Before and After shot as well as other photos of BC, please visit Boutique Cupcakes facebook album yeah? ;)

Whatever it is, Congrats Angeline & Mei!!!


Oh! Remember the dad meets dad meeting i mentioned in my previous post?
Well it happened, and went well hohohoho :")
All important issues discussed ^^

Hobbycon 2010 performance audition was held on the same day too.
We have new people and new types of performance this year.
So am really looking forward to the actual date.

Here's a few photo after the audition.
Pedo bear attack!

LOL! Earlier before the audition, BB and I went to Eva Marie's first birthday organised by two lovely parents Nana & Joj.

Her birthday was awesome and i love love love the candy section and colourful deco!

Since i missed her full moon event,
I felt great to have at least attended her 1st birthday hehehe...

Happy birthday Eva!!!


Hrrmm... i notice my posts story is going backward compare to how i normally post. lol.

Anyways, Boutique Cupcakes will close early at 5pm TODAY (only).
I just received a call from Mei...
All of our cupcakes almost finish...
*Talk about supreme cupcake lovers.. @_@*
Oh well... make sure you guys get your hands on the cupcakes tomorrow!




2 Responses to "Boutique Cupcakes is now open!!!!"

Cheryl Lo said... October 7, 2010 at 1:54 PM

Congrats !! The cupcakes look yummy ! *drools * will definitely try it next time i go back to KK =)

Aly89 said... October 7, 2010 at 10:41 PM

Congrats! The shop looks cute & the cupcakes look delicious (& cute)! Will drop by later ;)


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