Weekends and cupcakes...and Dona's place in between :)

I have found another joy in working which i look forward to every Saturday and Sunday :)
Boutique Cupcakes is my 3rd home now ^_^
Yes, i do have to sacrifice my movie time, pak toh time, family time...
but am grateful that both my family and Julian are being very supportive.
Friends, mom and sis had come visiting, and Julian accompanied me both days when he's off with work.
I'm so blessed with loving people around ^_^

Last Saturday, Monica invited me to a restaurant called Dona's Place for a food review.
When i heard Lamb Shank was in the menu, i auto-agreed and headed off to Plaza Millenium as soon as i finished my part time work :)

Dona's place operates inside this Yum Cha Corner lot during the night.
During the day, it will be another restaurant, fyi.

We (Monica, Jack, Julian and I) reached just in time for dinner and were greeted by Mr. Siva, a bubbly restaurant owner whom i learned used to be one of the first General Manager and F&B director of Sutera Harbour years back.
Food expectation level up +5

"Food first, talk later" he said
*huhuhu... am liking his attitude more* lol!

So this is what we had for our stater.

Cold, sweet and refreshing.
This is Air bandung Special served with Ice cream (RM3.50)
A great drink to switch on my pallet. Loved it.

Next came the main course which consists of their specialty, Lamb Shank served with buttered rice, Fish and Chips, Nasi Goreng Kampung and Lamb Chop served with blackpepper and Mushroom sauce.

Let me show you their Saturday's Special a.k.a The lamb shank (RM24).

Huhuhu~ It's lean, tender, juicy and fresh with fats peeled off from the meat. Heaven!
The portion is great as well!
But please note that this dish is made to PRE-ORDER and only available on SATURDAY.
As their business hour is from 4pm onwards, Mr. Siva will buy the fresh lamb shank the night before or early morning (for whoever has pre-ordered) and cook it as early as 11am before shop opening.
So you see, freshness is one of their top and main priority to ensure that you'll be served quality and fresh food only ;)
To pre-order, contact Mr. Siva at this number 016-8340993.

Next, i tried the Fish and chips (RM14).

Unlike typical fish and chips with thick coating, Dona's place Fish and Chips is crispy with a juicy and thick fish meat coated with a very thin batter.
My only comment is that it's a bit salty for me, but the lemon and tartar sauce saved the dish. I'll definitely come back for this.

The Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM7) on the other hand really reminded me of my life in KL.
Before, i have yet to find Nasi Goreng Kampung in KK which is served with cut long beans.
Now, i finally found one :)
It's soooo yummmmmyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next time, I'm going to ask the chef to include cut chilli padi in his cooking.
I like eating it pedas-pedas hehe...
Oh! Did i tell you the chef is one of the former chef from Sutera Harbour too? ;)

Last but not least is the Lamb Chop (RM16).

I only ate a little as i never like cutting a lamb chop dish.... UNLESS... I'm eating it at home :P which requires no fork and knife at all *heh =P* OR if I'm at some open house/buffet restaurant where i'm served with only the meat and no fats/urat/bones =P.

For dessert, Mr. Siva served his wife's home made brownie with double vanilla ice cream, or better known as Chocolate delight (RM6).

O... my.... god... XD
I loooove the bittersweet taste of the brownie. Perfect for my taste bud!
I wonder if i can request the brownie to be warmed before the ice cream be put on top.
It will taste triple nice too!
But this alone, is perfect enough for me :)

So out of 5, I would give this place a 4/5.
I will review again when I'm back there to try their Hungry Man's burger (RM14)! ;)

Thank you Monica and Jack for tagging Julian and I along to this humble restaurant with a 5-star hotel food quality.. and i have to mention.. with a reasonable price as well.
My tummy screams with happiness.
Excuse me~ =P

Dona's Place @ Yum Cha Corner - Halal
Business Hour - 4pm till closed.
Contact: Mr. Siva 016-8340993

Visit Everyday Food I Luv KK blog on their review for Dona's place here


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