Who doesn't want free money?

I know i do.

I have been researching and studying on how people can become internet millionaire so easily.
Along the way, i noticed that most of them are scam or spam.
BUT there are some which actually work in a way it is so straightforward and simple, and just because they are super famous, people labeled them as scam too.
Now which is right and which is wrong?

One that caught my attention was Jason Tan - Only in Malaysia Mah.
I stumbled upon his website during my search for free money to fill some extra cash in my pocket.
His identity is questioned, but some claimed his method was soooo simple, you don't have to sign up thousands of ringgits to meet internet guru.
So am curious..
Lemme know if anyone of you bought his eBook.

Oh! My ASB bank book has been revived.
I lost it during my stay in KL.
The last time i remembered, i only left the account with RM50 inside.
*hah~ uni life... no savings at all*
And now, with all the dividends and all, I now have RM250 inside after 5 years+ of not touching it. Haha.
Yeah it's not a lot.. buy hey~ it's free money hoho.
Now am gonna pump that baby bank with lotsa moolah now hua hua hua.
Plus, i need to add up my savings to buy/move some furniture next year including getting some moving quotes from local companies for my new apartment ;)
Yeap.. this is the 'key' i was talking about before.

I hope it will soon become a descent and homey apartment :)
I can't wait for JJ Jet's Interior design!!! ^_^
Jet designed Boutique Cupcakes outlet before, and being a practical person, I believe he understand what both Julian and I need. *coz we both have the same need, yet clashed in terms of concept*!
So in the end, i kind of agreed to what BB emphasized on and he agreed to not touch my kitchen! LOL!

Am not gonna reveal where and how it look like inside for now as it's still empty :)
Wish me luck! and don't forget to recommend me some movers company, something like Dallas moving service or Austin movers with great discounts!

PS: Sigh~ I need to make more money to clear that ptptn study loan and add more to savings for my future + travels + entertainment.



2 Responses to "Who doesn't want free money?"

Cheryl Lo said... October 27, 2010 at 10:34 PM

Can't wait to see your apartment Fara :-)

S.A.K.U.Y.A said... October 28, 2010 at 9:11 AM



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