We need a Repair Pal in Malaysia

When you have had your car for more than 5 years, like mine, some things will start to wear off.
Your engine will start to sound funny.
Your cooler starts to warm down.
Even your hand break might not be as powerful as before.
I know coz i've driven my car once with the hand break up till i realised it an hour later :P
And my car STILL sound like a motor boat engine even after 3 times of car service.
What actually happened??? Make me understand coz i don't.
The engine works fine but what's with the VROOM VROOM car racing sound?
The mechanics told me that they have fixed it, but i didn't see any improvement at all!

Malaysia should have a centralised website like Repairpal.com.
At least you can get a repair estimates and read other car user ratings, reviews and advice before getting a new car of the same module or before sending it for a repair.
You can also know what the mechanics are charging you for.

Car users such as Toyota, Ford or Honda Civic from Honda range can read the ratings and reviews, the Q&A about the module as well as the usual problem reports to better understand your car before sending it out for a repair or if you are planning to get new one.

If you are a car-noob like me, you can access to the Auto Repair Encyclopedia and find out the whole terms of the external and internal car parts such as leak down test, timing belt, head gasket replacement and many more.

This website also gives you the map to all repair shops around the country. Let say you are in California, you can easily search Los Angeles auto repair shops nearby at a click of a button.

So to all computer savvy in Malaysia, why not study this website and make one for Malaysian made car, please? :P


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