Whimsical treats to brighten up your day

Fuah.. gila kenyang.
It has been awhile since i last ate seafood at Gayang Seafood Restaurant.
Since Papa.... *shit omg! Jiro just snap one of the keyboard key. Mama's gonna kill me!* hold on.


Ok.. As i was saying...
Since papa just got back from KL and going off again to Jakarta tomorrow, he insisted on a family dinner with my mom and all 3 siblings around.
With all the food served...detox plan of the day failed again XD
Gargh.. i'll just start tomorrow.
Office is still the safest place for detoxing.

We held a first birthday celebration at Boutique Cupcakes just now.
It was for one of our new baking team member, Edy.

We really didn't know it was his bday till he announced it XD
So Sharon and Wei Wei made 3 simple cupcakes.

Upon my signal, we all sang the Birthday song and took a group picture together.

Sigh... unfortunately Mei & Jet were not there ><"
So for everybody to remember each others birthday, I collected all dates and pasted on the kitchen and front counter's notice board =3

Yes... I'm still at the 'ekor' (tail) of every year XD

Had so much fun today.
I can't remember when i stop laughing with Bev, Desmond and Hung2.
We all now have a Chinese name with certain intonation.
My name now is 'No Fa La fei Ling' Hahahahhaa
Nvm.. it's an inside joke. Too long to explain.

Oh! I also met my old school friend, Charlene.

It was nice seeing her again.
Her goofiness is still there.
She reminded me of our high school day, sitting together at the last row in the school van chatting non stop!
But now, i always run out of ideas what to talk about *aihs*

This kid is our customer's son.
He is SO CUTE! I love seeing kids eating their cupcake.
They never complain.

Some of them got lucky and won the Boutique Cupcakes Golden Tickets too!

Walk in customer was A LOT today.
The counter was so busy i couldn't entertain phone calls @_@

We also have new design for our '1 for the Survivor' breast cancer fund raising campaign.
Sharon is so creative ^^

Other custom design Sharon and Wei Wei did for our customers who pre-ordered...

Anyways, if you guys have any last minute celebration or plan to surprise or present a gift to your loved ones, you can always grab any one of our 12 flavours from the cupcake counter and request for free wording writing and free simple ribbon.
If you want it to look nicer, just add RM2 for fondant wording (Not more than 15 words) and RM2 for Boutique Cupcakes Ribbon.
We have a box of 6, 12 and 25 with cupcake inserts to secure your cupcakes ;)

The 12 flavours are:

Move flavours to come soon and we might need to seperate them by days :)
Anyways, look forward to our HALLOWEEN Special Cupcake Design starting next Tuesday till 31st October 2010!!!
You can pre-order them for any celebrations too.

Nighty nite!



1 Response to "Whimsical treats to brighten up your day"

CathJ said... October 25, 2010 at 2:59 PM

sooo cute... can't wait to try it.. ^_^


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