for the iPad user

To all iPad user, i envy you. which is a price comparison and shopping search engine has now created a shopping application for you to browse and compare your shopping items from all different kinds of shopping categories!
Just drag and drop, scale it up or down using your magic little finger on your iPad, and tada~ you'll get a brand new perfume, sunglasses, make up, shoes, sports stuff, gifts, luggage, backpack, handbags, pants, jewelries, small appliances, vacuums, bedding, coats and many more!

For non-iPad user like myself, fret not, you can still browse around in their website with your little friendly mouse ;)
I'm currently looking at one of their Laptop Messenger Bags in swirly pink design which i found via search engine.
It's only $55.99 (that is RM170) with 20% discount! Yey!



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