1 more week to the fasting month *yey~*

I cannot wait to shed off these kilos.
I have a month left for the pre-wedding shoot,
and 5 more months to the big day.
Why is it so hard to lose 5 freaking kgs???
Oh wait... i just ate ice cream and Teh C Kao Ping the other day *doink*
Huhu~~~ Where are all the self discipline i used to have =___=

My first day of buka puasa will be in my Japanese Class.
:'( huhu... Mama's going to be sad.
Well at least I WILL. It's a first day to buka puasa and terawih with your family for goodness sake..
Hrm... I think I'll skip Monday class next week.
ONLY Monday, else I'll be banned from the sponsored class for skipping class for the 3rd time ><"

Anyway, I went to Seremban last week for BB & KC's grandma funeral.
The Air Asia flight delayed for 5 freaking hours and we resulted missing the coffin closing ceremony.
May I say, it was a very important ceremony for their family.
When asked for refund, they say that the new policy will need passengers to buy their travel insurance. Some more, it is not gonna be a full refund. Only VOUCHER worth RM200 weh... =_=
That means you will still need to use the voucher to travel with them.
They sure know how not to rugi *pfft*

Lucky for both BB and KC, they still managed to see their grandma for the last time on the day of the funeral.
Being new to the Buddhist cremation ceremony, I must say that it was quiet an experience.
I joined them by holding the joss stick at the beginning, and then become the family photographer right after.
Felt odd to be taking pictures here and there while others are crying ><"

During the trip, I get to meet all of BB's uncles, aunties and cousins.
Since our trip was short, Mom (BB's mom) bought lots of Durian and treated us after lunch AND dinner.
It is Durian season in Seremban now, and all of us enjoyed digging into different species of Durian while reminiscing about grandma.
Though i don't know grandma that well, I did however spent time at least twice with her during my trip in Seremban :)

Our flight back to KK was on Friday morning. There were so many events during the weekend to attend and to organise @.@
Before boarding the plane, i treated BB with some chocolate indulgence at the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. So so yummy!!!

Despite busy schedule on Saturday, I managed to attend the final match of the 57th Mayor's Cup Boxing Tournament on Sunday.
It was a picnic in the Dewan Masyarakat XD
People brought in GSC popcorns, Roti Kahwin Fook Yuen (that includes me), Maggie in Cup, Kuaci and so much more to enjoy the match to the fullest.
The situation looked like we were watching a movie, only that you don't get pissed off with people talking and shouting in the 'cinema' *heh :P*

Sam (Samuel Lai) won the heavy weight category (KK team) and the overall winner goes to the district of Tawau.
I *heart* the boxer from Keningau who is also the 3rd boxer in Malaysia.
Sangat talented and bersopan okay~ ;3
Oh! and i hate the super fat referee.
It was so obvious that he was bias to some boxer.
Served him well when he was thrown with a chair TWICE last year...
*sniff*sniff* I smell 'bribery'.
Nonetheless, it was an exciting match.

Monica and Jack moved into their apartment and it looked awesome :)
I can't wait for my kitchen to be done next month.
Soon we'll be neighbour and we shall bug each other and exchange for recipes and video editing tips, investing advice and if Jack is super expert by then, maybe stock trading in penny stock picks =D
If i get super malas, i'll knock on their door for some yoga or cycling session in the gym too XD


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