More luck... more prosperity... more fortune! Yeahh~~~!

So I just got back from my company's CNY open house.

2 days... i mean 2 DAYS before the actual event, our department was put compulsory to perform something for the guests
Seeing that all of us are coughing like orang tua, none can actually sing properly.
So in the end, we resulted to dancing @_@

At that moment, I was reaaaaaaly greatful to have performed with CORE Fitness before.
So since I still have the performance soundtrack and video for guide, i gave Alvin and the rest of the girls a 1 and 1/2 day crash course.

And they made me proud :)

I watched this video 5 times just to focus on one person at a time, and I cant help but to LOL when I see each and every one's movement.

WE knew that not all of the steps are right/smooth, and some actually covered their mistake by doing syok sendiri shuffling :P *points at Alvin* LOL! But most importantly, the guests AND my BIG BOSS were really entertained *we got angpow for it * and the bond between my department became closer than it already is

Other than that, this year's CNY is also my first time tossing (lou hei) the yee sang together with the other head of departments.

Rina came over and say, "Raise it higher to get more luck!!!"

So I mixed and tossed the Yee sang higher and higher while screaming "More money!!! More money!!!!" infront of my CEO. Muehehehe.

The 2nd lion dance performance was also the best that I've ever seen.
The skills, especially the characteristic of the lion was really portrayed by the performers.
According to BB, Sabah's lion dance performance is the best in Malaysia.
And guess what?
These lion dance performers are the ones who represented Sabah to get such title.
I love em!!!

Hrm... I'll find out the name of the performers group later.. hihihi *grins at future plans* >=)

Anyways, It's 2 more days to Chap Goh Mei, and I hope to see lots and lots of beautiful lanterns around KK!

For now, I'm looking at a bright full moon 'lantern' high in the sky.

Though it's so beautiful, it's also hard for me to sleep with it illuminating my room @_@

Nites people!

Too much too soon?

I'm not getting married yet,
but i have a list of wedding budget, themes and savings plan
with whom I'm meant to be with.
*yes people, I don't plan to trouble my parents*

I'm not moving out from my parents home yet,
but i'm currently scouting for potential property, cracking my head whether i should be staying for few years in condo and buy a house when my family expand OR cut to the chase and just get a house straightaway to stay forever.

I don't plan to conceive baby immediately when I got married,
but i already have the name in mind, the things to prepare when i do and how much savings I should reserve for his/her future.

Wth is wrong with my hormone head this week??!

It was a whole load of info in a week!

Foooo..... digest one... by one.. @_@

Just when i was in the middle of having all this thoughts in my head, i then receive more news that 5 people who are close to me are getting engage and 1 is expecting @_@. The kureng part is, they started to ask "when is it going to be YOUR turn?" Erk...

The same thing happened when I was just browsing around for my potential ring, wedding gowns, quotations for THE day and etc.

"So when are you guys planning to get married?" the hotelier asked.
"Err... nah not this year. maybe next year or later"
"Ooo~~~ you still have a loooooong way to go"

WTH??? Do YOU as a hotelier know that venue and date should be booked in advance for a specific date?

What's wrong with planning or do budgeting earlier????

I ALWAYS plan things in advance to avoid last minute stress okay..~
and I'm not the 'scream help for mummy' type.

*Geez... this makes me hate those who have things come so easy to them even more =_= .... financially of course*

Talking about moolah, i've had enough with paying my study loan.

According to the initial budget that PTPTN had planned for me, it is suppose to finish by my 38th birthday.

Are you kidding me?

I'm not gonna pay THAT long just so you get more from the accumulated monthly interest!

I have a lot in life to plan.

I want to travel.
I want my own house.
I want to buy a new car.
I want to have my own little restaurant.
I want to do a lot of things that people who had their parents paying for their study or those who got scholarship are enjoying now with their extra cash from their monthly salary!

But ranting wont get me anywhere.

Hence, I'm topping up my study loan payment AGAIN and target to complete it by end of 2012!

Oh man~... this 3 years is going to be reaaaaaallly sakit.

Seriously T_T

I can’t decide whether i should punch him… or squeeze his man boobs =_=

BB and I were driving back,
and a topic about tips and warnings about finding suitable house/apartment in the future came into the picture;
one of them... is definitely unforgettable.

This is the summary of the story.

Once upon a time, our friend Richard wanted to buy an apartment/house and found a suitable one to move in. Though the deal and everything else was great, still, he had an inkling.

One day, he decided to bring two of his friend (a couple) to accompany him to check out the place at night.

While checking out the house, his bestfriend (guy) noticed that there was a red string with red paper/note hanging down from the ceiling fan. *It had always been there but Richard never bothered looking or reading it*

In the note, there was a mandarin text.

After reading it, he went "oowwwkaayyyy... get out~ let's get out~ out! out!~~~~"

Guess what was in the note?

"I'll wait for you"
"I'll wait for you"
"I'll wait for you"
"I'll wait for you"
"I'll wait for you"
"I'll wait for you"


Why do I even bother writing this!!!!!

He knew i have superb imagination;
and I can't be hearing any ghost stories at night...
but he did it anyway.

Now I can't get the story and the imagination out of my head!!!!

I even drove super fast just to get back home in 10 mins.

Since I can't sleep due to my chains of scary thoughts and imagination, I think i'll leave the lights on and pray that my baby-sis will sleep early and switch it off while I'm already off to la-la-land T_______T

It's just not that cool anymore

And I'm talking about my trip to Kundasang :(

It used to be super fun and all... *believe me, I'm not saying this coz I'm a big kid*,
but ever since the rising hot temperature, even Ranau & Kundasang felt hot that it left my feet to have a shape of the capital letter X from my x-stripe sandals!

Oh! oh! and school holidays and increasing number of visitors from all over the place doesn't help either coz Poring hot spring now has become waaaay dirtier than it already is!
What made it worst is that, it was soooo packed that no more visitors allowed to park inside coz there's just no parking space left!

Other disgusting thing happened would be:
1) a kid whom my mom saw standing outside his personal hot pool area and aim his little brother to pee INSIDE!
2) a kid *again* whom I* saw sneezing, then wiping his mucus with his hand and threw it inside the new pool area *i cant help but to see it floating okaaaaaay* and he then jump onto it and swim around his mucus later with everyone else.

Whatever happen to civilization man...

PS: Lesson to learn... Do NOT go during weekends or holidays =_=

First stop at the craft centre near Nabalu

Mama & Casel

At Kundasang War Memorial

Sabahan troops

March of Death history

Not many flowers I must say...

Group pic

Lunch picnic in the van.. Wan's cooking is the best!

We will never miss taking pic on this bridge. Lol! This bridge is so overrated XD


Izwan and Kamal

Flower for BB's home. It's so cheap, I regretted for not buying more.

More photos from the trip here :)

Valentine's day...

It's either you love it or you hate it.
And that only happen when you see V-day in one perspective only ;)

My V-day started out way earlier.
I mean not waaaaaay early.. just 2 days ahead.
Knowing me, the event planner, BB kinda had enough of me decoding on what he's gonna do/ his point of action in giving me a surprise during birthdays, anniversaries or v-days.
I mean seriously, it's not just me, most girls do.
We just have the tiny little winy expectation instinct in us XD heh.
So getting back to my story, last Friday, BB got me a surprise by standing in front of the door to my office parking lot, with his fishy smile and a bouquet of my favourite flower in his hand.

I was speechless.
I gasped.. but didn't really gasp like bimbo gasp... but yeah.. you know what i mean.
I was literally surprised *more than last year, coz i kinda knew lol!*.
Aww....... lol.
*oh please.. don't puke*

For V-day this year, as usual, there's no other place that I wanted to go to for lunch other than my favourite Italian place, Little Italy hehehehe.

For my gift, BB bought me my first proper gym attire as a hint I gained weight coz I've always wanted it aaaaand...

my favourite of all...

The sotong phone hanger *lol!

There's a story why sotong (octopus) has always been around my relationship with BB, buuuuut i'm gonna leave it another day to tell.
But hey, it's not becoz he has girly-man personality or anything okaaaay~

For his present on the other hand, I*, for after a decade of not baking, baked chocolate lava cupcake with buttercream icing for him! *FINALLY* XD

Just look at what V-day can make you do...
And surprisingly, it's edible. Hahahahaha!

Initially I was thinking of ordering cupcakes, but after a good advice from Mars and Rina , *plus, my baker was too bz with CNY order*, I thought hey, why not? I's more personal, AND i can finally put the new oven into good use. Hehehe.

Cinemas everywhere was packed with love birds and BB and I didn't dare to line up just to get the tickets.
So I headed to his place for mini CNY with his family and watched Devil May Cry 4 complete clips, picked up the van from airport for my Kundasang trip tomorrow morning, visited my grandma and save my V-day movie after BB's family dinner.

So, there you go. My little V-day story for this year.

Remember people, V-day is a love day to be celebrated with everyone.
Not just your beau. But your friends and families too *You single/not so single people out there gotta tweaked that perspective of yours to be more optimistic*

Gotta crash now.
Take care peeps!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Oh my. Another event for 2010!
And I'm loving the fireworks!
*but i hate the car alarms caused by it*

Since it's a double celebration this year,
*not to mention the double happiness I had for the past few days*
BB and I decided to join my family for ang pao hunting Chinese New Year open house in the morning before going on with our Valentine's program =P

Oh! I have a little story to tell btw,
buuuuuut am gonna wait for tomorrow.
It's late.
And I'm sooo tired~

In the mean time, enjoy the Retro night photos from Mama's MPWS Retro night!

PS: That's not my real hair ^_^ I was informed only a day before the event,
so I dug up whatever I have and mix match them into this XD

BB with his afro hair and my aviator sunglasses.
He looked so sotong-ly cool
*such a sporting love*

Mama and friends performing. She's the coolest MPWS chairperson

Cucuk langit time!

Cam-ho time~

Love how Pan Pac decorated the place!

The retro red carpet

With kak Ogy

More photos can be viewed here.

Weeeeeee~! I had so much fun!!!!

Some of you might ask..
what happen to my important video project.
What video project?
I dunno any..
I'm having so much fun now so don't spoil it yet

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!



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