Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Oh my. Another event for 2010!
And I'm loving the fireworks!
*but i hate the car alarms caused by it*

Since it's a double celebration this year,
*not to mention the double happiness I had for the past few days*
BB and I decided to join my family for ang pao hunting Chinese New Year open house in the morning before going on with our Valentine's program =P

Oh! I have a little story to tell btw,
buuuuuut am gonna wait for tomorrow.
It's late.
And I'm sooo tired~

In the mean time, enjoy the Retro night photos from Mama's MPWS Retro night!

PS: That's not my real hair ^_^ I was informed only a day before the event,
so I dug up whatever I have and mix match them into this XD

BB with his afro hair and my aviator sunglasses.
He looked so sotong-ly cool
*such a sporting love*

Mama and friends performing. She's the coolest MPWS chairperson

Cucuk langit time!

Cam-ho time~

Love how Pan Pac decorated the place!

The retro red carpet

With kak Ogy

More photos can be viewed here.

Weeeeeee~! I had so much fun!!!!

Some of you might ask..
what happen to my important video project.
What video project?
I dunno any..
I'm having so much fun now so don't spoil it yet

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!



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