Safa?? Grr....

Today, I went out with Caleb Jacob to do video recording at the airport. It is for our corporate video, since we developed a system called 'imm114', a system that will enable visitors from West Malaysia to visit Sabah only by using MyKad instead of having to fill in a form like last time. The video shooting went great. I've got to know few immigration staff working there. Next time when I'm back from any of my trip, they'll recognise me hehehe. I also have to 'act' as one of the user who used the system. Pretty great, i must tell.

After that, Caleb brought me to Pizza Hut Damai. There we joined the other colleagues, Chiew-Chiew and Lai-Lai, and not forgetting the interns, Henry and Jonathan. Caleb treated us for lunch to thank the services that the interns had provided them for the past 4 months, to thank the dedication and hard work Chiew-Chiew and Lai-lai had provided to Dh and lastly, to welcome me on board. By the way, on our way to Damai, Caleb Jacob can't stop calling me Safa! Safa! Safa! Why??? Here is the story....

Two days ago, after finishing my Herbs introduction video, Mr. Koh, our boss came in to check on us. Before showing him the video, he was standing with Caleb jacob behind me to discuss about other projects. During the conversation, Mr. Koh was mumbling, explaining and talking to Caleb.. something like "How's our project Jacob? Bla bla bla bla bla... later you'll work with Safa, and arrange bla bla bla bla". I was sitting there, smiling at Jacob. I thought SAFA is a term or a a shortform of a project or something. But Caleb Jacob looked blur.. I can sense that he was thinking of "what the heck is he talking about?". Then, Mr. Koh turned to me and said.. "So Safa? How have you been doing so far, Safa?" Arghhhh!!! From that moment, ALL the staffs realise that he addressed me as SAFA! not FARA!!! astagaaaaa!!! That's why from today onwards, Caleb Jacob has been calling me SAFA or Sabah Football Association!! I'll get you Caleb Jacob!!!

Ok skip that. At 2.30pm we went to Sabah Art Gallery to propose some of our ideas. We felt honoured to meet Datuk Yaman Mus. Very humble man and he also provided us with very useful information. On our way back, it was raining heavily. No umbrella, no nothing. We 'redah' jerrr.. apa lagiiiii. It was fun if you're experiencing it with your colleagues or friends as it will be a very sweet and fun memories whenever you remember what you had done during working at a certain company. On 17th May, I'm going to Hong Kong!! Yeyyyy~~ I'll be going with my mom since she was invited to go along with Sabah Tourism Board for Sabah Tourism Promotion in Hong Kong. There... I'll do my own company promotion too! Hihihihi... I'll do everything that I can, to bring up DH! Hait Hait!

Cherish Every Moment

"Every once in a while, you meet someone special. Someone that touches your life in a beautiful way.." ... have you ever heard of that saying? I have..and it's never ending. But it'll take seconds for us to forget someone that we, once, considered special and touched our life in many special ways. Is it because we're busy? No.. Busy is just an excuse. It depends whether one wants to or not. We said that we care about someone dearly.. but did we do it practically?

Yesterday, I had a very nice lunch with my beloved friend Adz. We never thought what might happen in few hours after that. We talked.. we giggled.. we greeted each other goodbye.. and hope we'll meet again tomorrow to have more gossips and interesting conversations. Few hours after that, I've received a shocking sms from Adz. His brother-in-law passed away. Not just any brother-in-law.. a brother-in-law who was like his real brother. Why? Because of a brain tumor. He's only 31 years old... what can you do when you're 31 years old? Planning to have a family? Furthering your education to the highest level? Having Kids? Travelling? Climbing to the top of your carrier? So many plans.. yet so little time.

Adz took a day off today. He stayed at home.. reminiscing all the sweet memories he had with arwah. Feeling bored, we went out for lunch. I can't blame him. This is his first experience of losing someone special and close to him. All I can do was listened. Listened to what he had to say.. be it about the unfortunate event or even about something else that will help him to forget about it for a while. Am I a good friend? I questioned myself. I don't want to be sad for him.. I don't want to act happy to distract him as if that thing had never happened. All I can do is listen. Just like what I did when Mel and Kilua loss their beloved grandfather. Being a good listener is what I have taught myself to be.

I had my moments too. I was in my final year.. doing my internship. One morning, 7 a.m sharp. I woke up.. feeling restless, I dont know why. Suddenly, my mom called me.. revealing the bad news. My aunt just passed away because of her kidney disfunctional and other internal health problems. As it was my first experience, and also being away, not able to see her for the last time, I was blur. Blur on how to react. Upon reaching the office, I called up my other aunt. Then there... I started to felt what I was supposed to feel at that moment. It can't be controlled. It just flowed out uncontrolably. Everybody in the office was quite shocked when I cried over the phone. Angeline, my supervisor, asked me to take a day off, but i refused. I've managed to gather myself. Alhamdulillah. One thing that I'd never forget about her was when she rewarded me with rm100 for every 'A' that I scored in my SPM. I got rm600 all together plus another rm400 as a reward for me getting accepted into a University. For me, Rm1000 was a BIG reward during that time. I was so happy. I was her pride and joy. She had also scolded me once when I was little, whenever I fought with Mel. She taught me to treat other people nicely. I think it was because she saw myself in her. My feature resembles her a bit. I heard she was a naughty/bad girl last time. But it all changes once you get older and learned from mistakes. For sure, I'll never forget her. The good.. the bad and the ugly side of her. I'll always have you in my heart and memories Aunty Uda.

By the way, after work, Adz and I went out again for dinner. I dropped by to his house. He showed me his collections of Naruto's anime and bragged about how much he loves and knows about Naruto. We went to Burger King, in Damai. When I ordered our food, I can see Adz was thinking far away into his own deep thoughts. He said he won't cry in front of me. Yeah Adz.. I can definately see that. Your cover up worked really well. During dinner, we also reminisce how we have started our friendship after SPM. Fun memories! Hard to forget. We discussed about the possibilities of what might become of us if we had chosen other paths in our life and make other decisions instead. Would it make better results? A better journey? A better life? Wallahualam. Whatever it is.. we learn from mistakes. Mistakes make us stronger.. Losing someone make us more sensitive about other people's existence. To become more aware of other people's feeling. To appreciate life like it is our last. To love somebody even more than we could have given.

I never regret meeting my friends. And I'm sure I'll never regret meeting my enemies. Both sides shaped me into who I am today. I never regret meeting my bestfriend Mel... coz she's a sister to me. I never regret meeting Leena and Adzri, they're the best buddies I'd ever had. NOBODY can replace them. I never regret meeting Mr. OC, no matter what might happen in the future.

Okay.. skip the emotional part for now.. today I've contacted 3 clients. Hopefully our proposal will be accepted. I'm beginning to like my job. It's like what I did when I first interned at I contacted clients, then Sazu and I will go out to cover that particular events. She was the producer.. I was her assistant and also a camera lady for News segment called C.edition. My favourite event was the Gourmet Indulgence and 'My Malaysia My MSC' where I was the only camera lady with other cameraman from big TV stations. They were so nice to assist me in what I was doing during the Press conference with the Prime Minister. That was my great moments. I'm glad Sazu Bazoo got a Job at NTV7. And I'm also glad Angeline went back to work at NTV7 too.

Mr. OC called me up just now informing me that Sazu has a position for me as an Assistant Producer at NTV7.. assisting her just like what I did when I interned at Cyberjaya.TV. What shall I do? For now, I have to stick with my decision. It's a big lost for me.. I realised that. But the possibilities are unlimited as long as you are true to your life's purpose. There are reasons behind whatever is happening and whatever might become in the future. And Whatever it is.. I'm ready.. and I won't regret it.
Ganbatte! Aya Chan!

Quote of the day -
"Live a balance life : Learn some and think some and draw some and paint and sing and dance and play and work everyday some" - Robert Fulghum

Let there be Light!

Let there be Light! magnify

Yey! I've finished up with the Herbal video project. Very colourful.. I showed Mr. Koh, my boss. And he likes it too. We only need to find suitable background song for the video. I'm also helping out Caleb to contact a new client today. Hopefully we could collaborate something with them. I like being an assistant to Caleb. It's just like what i did in 8tv. Argh!! I miss 8tv so much.. no.. in fact.. i miss the people actually. I miss the annoying producers, the sweet gal pals, and the environment. Except the police summons, the not-so-available parking space and the costs of living.

I can't helped it but to sms Melvin, my producer last night. He told me that he has just finished shooting for Reel Review's 1st episode for second season. Crazy Joe must have been busy with the effects sooner or later. I guess he can manage on his own. Although I miss fighting with him. Haha! He doesnt have his own bitch now, does he? :P I'm sure Tania won't let him. I WILL visit them when I come down to KL at the end of May. Maybe watch movies together. The closer I can get to them is through Quickie and (Adam). Do they even miss me? :(

I also have my first time long chat with one of the animator here. Well... to be honest.. through Y! messenger :P His name is Chew. He's going to reach a grandad age soon, if he doesn't get married sooner or later. I always call him Mr. Chew-Chew and ask him not to be so stressed out. Maybe I'll ask him to sing a long with me next time. Hahahaha. I'll get punched before I could even suggest that. I've also chatted with the 'once the youngest team member', Lai. He working and study at the same time. Have passion to learn new softwares and also exploring new ideas. You have to respect that kinda guy. He's a MU fan too! Take that Caleb! Hihihi.. jangan mareee~

I went lunch with Adz, my friend. Pity him. Do ALL the works, work almost everyday, sometimes no holiday at all and get paid peanuts!! Doesn't being appreciated for all the beautiful work he had done too! I hate his BOSS!! He tried to switch work, but no opportunity at the moment.. only those who pays peanuts but expect more. Screw you peanuts bosses! Thank god all my bosses are nice man!

During lunch, I looked at those pictures inside my hp, I miss one person right now. No.. not Mr. OC.. I miss my silly willy sister, Sara.. or princess (ndak tau laa...) Mare kerrr....? :P She'll be back at the end of May for her short holiday. Maybe I give her a peace and quite time to study while I'm in KL for 1 week. After that, all hell break loose. It's nice to have a sister to chat with and express your inner thought. Those thoughts that you can't express it to your parents. But becareful... She Bites!

Tomorrow is thursday... and Fridaaaaay is a PIZZA day for us.. We're celebrating the last day for the interns working at DH. Not because they're leaving, mind you, it's just a way of saying thank you. Saturday, Sunday and Monday cutiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~ nyahahahah~~ best! best! Let's go Shoppiiiiiiiiing!! Mari kawan-kawan~ Lalalalala~~

Gubra - "Sesat"?

Gubra - "Sesat"? magnify
Have you watched Gubra? I have... and I loved it! Heart warming, love and family movie. I dont't know about the rest out there, but this blog :- .. has its own points. And I can't deny the fact that some of the author's opinions and facts are true.
Like the rest of us, I did questioned myself a LOT in my head about some scenes of the film. But alas, it's all, to me, just an entertainment. Funny scripts, cute scenes and hilarious filming. Then, I'm back to my own world, doing what I normally do, believe in what I believed in.
Well... let us skip that shall we? my Mr. OC has a new car! Simple, cute, blue and sporty! Like it. Of course, there'll be modification 'in the future'. InsyaAllah.
By the way, I'm left with another 25% of video editing work to be done. For the time being, my design has been approved. Colourful, cheeky, following the beat annnnnnd yada yada yada~ We had a small group meeting just now. In fact, it was the most quite meeting I've ever been to. Poor Caleb. We really need to change the environment. I missed my 8tv's group meeting. Everyone's were just Crazy!
Fasana's dishes for tomorrow has been cooked. Took my refreshing shower! Annoyed my baby sister. Now it's time to jump into my 'hard' but cozy bed. Nighty nite!

Colours! Help me out!

It has been a week since I've started working at DH. It was great although sometimes it could give me a headache. I've met a new client yesterday, and went out shooting as well. I'm proposing Bird Sanctuary Kota Kinabalu an interactive CD. The meeting went well. Thanx Caleb for bringing me along. It's easy to express our ideas with each other. As for the video shooting, I went to the museum to shoot some flowers and my, I'm glad my video skills haven't gone to sleep ;)
I love weekends. I watched my favourite anime when I was still in High School. Sailormoon! Make up! (yeah~ yeah~ laugh your heart out.. I don't care..) I'm planning to buy all the japanese language collection. But the cantonese version last time was not bad though. :P It's amazing how a clumsy, crybaby person can be so lucky in her life. She found out that she was the princess and fell in love with the love of her life.. 'Tuxedo Kame' Yada yoooo!! I like him too! Why can't this world have something like that??
I've got a great news to tell actually. But I've got to wait when the time is right to tell. But it depend on this 2 weeks time. Now I've got to concentrate on my current video project.. that is an opening video for Common Herbal in Sabah intercative CD. I'm counting on Discovery Travel n Living channel to give me some inspiration. I don't want the intro to be so cliche and using a sleepy background music. If only I can use Sergio Mendes - 'Waters of March'. Very relaxing and jumpy at the same time.
Tonight we're going to 'The Hut' for dinner. It's my favourite Dine-In Cafe. Simple, classy, affordable and delicious! Lastly, faranina sign out with .................. "Makan!"

Digital Heritage

Digital Heritage magnify

Today was my first day at Digital Heritage. I like the HR Lady. Her name is Jocelyn. She introduced me and Anne (a new Corporate Division staff) to the whole DH staff. Sorry guys. I've trouble with names. But I do remember the faces though. Especially the nice one. Nice as in attitude....... ok?
The last department I was introduced to was my department. The Multimedia Department. There, I met Caleb. The guy who supposed to interview me last time, but ended up not talking at all. Lisa (the other interviewer) was the one who did all the talking last time. Caleb is a very soft spoken guy and look shy though.. but I wont bet on that. Coz I'm chatting with him just now, and I can promise that sooner or later we'll be fighting over nothing coz he asked me too!
I spent the whole day cleaning up the desktop. I love my PC. 2 Flat-screen LCD monitor and cool PC specs. I hope I can contribute a lot there. I love that they work as a team. One person specialised in something, and they help each other out. I went back at 5.30pm and my lord~ super dupper traffic jammed resulted me reaching home at 6.30pm. How cool was that!
I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Ganbatte Aya Chan!

Smelly Old Central Market

Smelly Old Central Market magnify

I woke up early this morning and drove to the central market with my mom and my baby sister, Nadia, to stock up FASANA food supply."Fuh! Busuk! Busuk! Busuk!" that's all I can say when I stepped out of the car.
Despite the smell and the jammed-packed parking lot, it was all worth it. Central Market is the best place for all business related stuff. Be it poultry, meat, vegetables, buns, fruits, plastics, eggs, fish and so much more!
I remember one incident when I first started to shop for FASANA food supply before its first day opening for business. While waiting for my Paksu to fetch me and my grandma, I saw a drunken Indian man, walking drowsily along the path in front of me and suddenly fall down on one of the nearby seller's packed tauhu. The tauhu pack burst and splattered all over the floor. Next, the drunken man got hit on the head by the seller's and was yelled at in front of everybody asking him to go away. I don't know which guy deserved more sympathy.
Anyway, after shopping at the Central Market, we went to Tok Wan's house to visit him. Then, my mom showed me the shortcut route to go from the State Library to my new working place. It's not hard at all, plus, the route will enable me to go to the Likas Sport Complex whenever I feel like swimming.
Back at Home, I helped my mom cooked lunch. We had Fried Prawn (Very Big!), Chicken Wings, Kari, Fried Ikan Basung (or Ikan Sardin) and also Mixed Taugeh. Delicious!! After that, we ate Top-Choc Ice-Cream and Crispy thinly sliced Pisang Goreng and had a 'picnic' in front of the TV, watching Stairway to Heaven (Korean Drama). My stomach cried for help! I pray that I won't gain weight sooner.... or later...
Later at night, I didn't feel like having dinner. Instead, I made food preparation for tomorrow's business. The menus are 'Rojak Telur with Kuah Kacang', 'Ubi Tumbuk with Kelapa' and 'Cucur Udang'. The rest of the Malay kuehs will be provided by my grandma. Now, I had my late shower and I'm gonna get some sleep~ Night Nite Mr. OC!

Thousands feet above ground

Thousands feet above ground magnify

When I arrived at KLIA today, my heart racing and I don't know why. It always happen when I'm going somewhere or reaching a destination. Maybe it's the feeling of insecurities or maybe it's just a feeling of anxiousness of going to start my new job this Monday.
Anyway, put those things aside, coz I have to be thankful to my beautiful aunty who work for MAS. The maximum weight luggage allowed for a passenger is only 25kg. Yes.. and guess how much does my treasures of stones weight..? :P almost 40kg and that's only my personal belongings such as clothes, bags, shoes and minor2 stuff. (did I say minor?)
Luckily, there's one MAS staff who happened to be on board on the same flight. My aunt put half of the total weight under his/her name. (Thank u stranger.. besar pahala kau!)
Now I'm in the plane. Typing this blog entry in my laptop to be uploaded later. Again, thanks a bunch to my aunt, I get to sit on the best seat, with no chair infront of me, plus, window seat. Another thing is, there's nobody in the middle seat of my row. I can put my bags and laptop, as if i booked 2 seats just for myself. Ngohoho~ okok.. Jangan kecoh.
Since I booked my flight online, I get to choose/request my type of meal. As expected, I requested for a low calorie meal and my food arrived first! Hahaha! I get to show off to this Chinese uncle who hardly smile beside me! Too bad uncle!! Your food is not as delicious and healthy as mine! hohohohoho!
I forgot to mention that this flight is connecting to Miri. 1 hour later, I'll be arriving at Miri first, then only fly to KK. Imagine how long I have to wait! Thanks to my laptop, I can play my Sims 2 and again, show off to the grumpy-faced uncle on the lose beside me. Muaaaaahahahaha~
OK.. this long flight must have made me crazy and hyper. Tomorrow, I've planned to go to my grandma's house to deliver her 'Tepung Rangup' that my aunt bought for her. Then maybe go to the clinic and get my medical check up for my new work place. (sigh~)
Back at Home, I heard my dad squalling at a person on the phone. I don't know why.. and I don't really care.. but what I'm worry about is his health. After the operation, i noticed that his temper is getting more and more obvious. But he doesn't lose it on us of course. My mom was very happy to received her new Guess Handbag for her to wear to work. White leather skin with bits of embedded gold lining. Very sophisticated and proffesional look. Suits her best! But she doesn't feel comfortable when I joked that the skin was made from snake skin. :P I'm not sure either. Maybe it's crocodile skin. Whatever~
After gone through all the hassle and very.. I mean VERY bad headache of unpacking my luggage and arranging them neatly inside the cupboard, I've decided to swallow a not-so-advisable pill by Mr. OC, which is panadol.. and decided to slumber away into the night.
I miss Mr. OC.... Image.... uhuhuhu..
Lastly, before I shut myself to good night sleep:
Note to Mr. OC - "Sorry I couldn't celebrate your bday this 8th of May...I'll try to get a flight at the end of May to celebrate your belated bday and also watch Da Vinci Code together. Let's go for Gold Class"
Note to Mr. Amad - "Good Luck in expanding your culinery skill with the new kitchen! And don't forget to sweep the floor and clean the kitchen and your dishes after that! (so as Mr. Maria Banos and Mr.Oc)"
Note to Mr. Maria Banos - "Stay Beautiful and Smart always nok~ Jangan naik berat badan kalau masak selalu~"


Journey...O...Journey magnify
Midnight. 14th April. I've just got back from celebrating my farewell dinner with some of my
precious colleagues and friends, and I'm flying back to my hometown tomorrow. I'm stuck with the feeling of happiness about yesterday as well as sadness of having to depart tomorrow.

I was planning to start my blog when I've started 'a new life' in my hometown. Can't help it but to start tonight. I've packed my treasures that needs to be shipped back along with my little kancil, and left some of them with Mr. Oc (thanks busuk!)

Dissapointed though that I'm not able to visit my ex-colleagues in 8TV due to transportation problem. Sure gonna miss a hell lot of them..(Although they love calling me 'Mostiqo'). One thing for sure, I'm sure gonna miss My Favourite Quickie Adam, Marion and Rina, Tania, Ei Ein, Deep, Jasmine, The OCB Producers especially Melvin and Efie. But life has to go on. Journey has to be made. Due to particular reasons, going back is my decision.

I've been away for so long and it's time for me to spend my time with my family while I still can.
Can't help being a family person :) Plus, my dad has just got back from China for his kidney transplant. Other than being weak, his medical cost will make your eyeballs drop! But anyway, some people loves living alone.. others revolve around their friends and some strive for their dreams. For example, my pet-bro AL, he's going to be a pilot soon! I too have dreams of my own. But it's still blurry.

I used to say that I wanted to be a Vet because I love animals. Then, I wanted to be an Animator because I love cartoons. When 3D is like a doom for me, I've decided to become a designer because I love designing. Then I wanted to be a Producer because I love doing production stuffs. Now what? I get bored so fast. I can't even say what my dream job is. But one thing for sure.. I love to manage things.. and I'm good at it. I find efforts to learn and make sure my work satisfy people's need.. and put extras to it.

Apart from starting my new job this monday, I have another thing to concentrate on; which is my small business at the Sabah State Library and also a Take-Out Catering. I joined venture with my 'Paksu' and my Grandma since 3 weeks ago. This tuesday, we have to cater Nasi Dagang Package for Sabah Ministry of Finance's function for 40 people. I am so excited as it is my first Take-out catering customer.

Last night, I told my friend Imah and Iera about my travel plans to Europe. Imah was so excited and some of them wanted to go too! Just like our trip to Cameron Highland last year. We had fun back then..seriously. Imah was our 'mom'. Guess we have to stock up maggie and start saving! Nighty Nite!



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