Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can both be good or bad.

It is bad when your circle of friends encouraging you to do something that is wrong / against your believe (go figure);
and it is also good when it comes to do something that will benefit yourself, such as to improve health and well being, or to become a better person.

One of the good peer pressure example for myself in my weekly routine would be at the gym.

Few hours ago, i was in the middle of an 'almost-die' yoga class.
I say 'almost-die' coz today, Angeline, taught us on how to do a REAL yoga technique with few secret tips a yoga practitioner should be doing + another hour of spinning class.
I know... @_@ Hate to break the news but all this while we were doing a MILD and basic yoga (and that itself made me sweat like...*insert any word here*).

Anyway, after the yoga class, i felt extremely tired and made a lot of excuses in my head to not proceed to the spinning class :P (aren't we all good at making excuses).
But Monica and Jack, though they are similarly tired as I am, still managed to drag their asses to the next 1 hour spinning class.
In conclusion, i obliged to their invitation (tho i hesitated at first) and feel DAMN GOOD that i actually completed the class!!! Wohoo!!! XD

Well this is not the best example actually, but... you get what i mean :P

All this, whether good or bad peer pressure won't work if you don't have self-determination, self control and discipline.
Determination to say NO to bad things (when your mind say YES YES YES),
and determination to say YES to good thing (when your mind say NO NO NO).

If you have these traits, i'm pretty sure eventually, people will have high respect on you, your decisions and your vision :)

Now, I'm not saying that i have all these traits you see :)
I, like anyone else, still working on it every time i face any peer pressure situation.
But i always make sure that i win against it XD


What's your peer pressure? ^_^


1 Response to "Peer Pressure"

TS Lim said... March 25, 2010 at 12:30 AM

It's always good to surround yourself with those that are 'in-line' with your thinking. When you stray, they are there to 'bring you back' heh. The sad thing is, finding those ppl are hard.


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