Happy Birthday Sayang!!!

So BB turned a big last monday .. *hehe*

"where do you want to go for your birthday?"
"Oh well.. just a quiet dinner between the two of us is enough to make me happy :)"
"Owhh......~~~ So what do you want for your birthday then?"
"Ermm... I don't know.. a new shirt maybe.. or.. jacket...or.. i dunno"

Being a typical smart ass, of course all of the wished item has been bought a month earlier before I even popped the question. *I know, my bf is so easy to read sometimes.. hehe.. XD*

So all is left to do is to gather his close friends for a surprise party.

Since his Bday falls on monday, I decided to make it a few hours earlier at Upperstar Damai... and So this is what happened:

LOL! He was s.h.o.c.k.e.d alright.

(Photo by: Chucky )

Oh~ *pats my own head* The plan went so smooth and clean hehehe.

I only wish I could turn back time and record the surprise and blur moment of BB... especially when the rest shouted SURPRIIIIIISEEEEE!!!!!!!!! *sniffs :( * But there were too many stuffs in my head that time =_= *baka baka baka!!!!! so unsatisfied =_=*

To be honest, I was pretty worried in the morning coz I had a bad dream the night before; and in that dream... the party went all wrong XD I was late, the guest waited about 2 hours and all just screwed up. But alhamdulillah, none of that happened and it was just perfect ^^ *except the recording part... grrrrrr*

A total of 35 turned up in the end (THANK YOU!!!) and without the help of close friends especially Massy, Robin, Dino & Mei, I wouldn't get the crowd and cakes in time. Again, thanks again you guys ^^

I was so busy entertaining friends that i forgot to take more pictures and left my food missing me couple of times. But I gotta tell you, the cake was awesome especially the chocolate cheese cake from CUBE restaurant. It's a bit pricey though but the taste will shoot you to heaven. Betuuuulll~ *omg.. am drooling....*

(adegan kejar-mengejar)

Another person who shares the same birthday with BB is Adrian.

He arrived late and had no ideas at all that we celebrated BB's birthday already. *To his knowledge, he only go there to celebrate BB's birthday.. not his*

So when the Upperstar staff brought in HIS cake, he was so happy and innocently thought that the cake was for BB. *siap bersemangat menyanyi lagi* Sekaliiii.... when the cake was put on HIS table.. in front of HIM.. his expression changed and was shocked DOUBLE TIME when he saw his name on the cake! Hahahahaha! Try and look at this video:

HAHAHAHA.. He cried owkayyyyy!!! HaHAHAHAHHAhahahaHAha! *High fives to Robin XD*

(the main culprit)

Omg.. the party was great and i know both of them had a wonderful birthday surprise.

Buuuttttt~ this is NOT the end of the surprises. Stay tune to BB's post on what happened next! Kuuuukukukukuku~~~~ *sniggers*

Happy Birthday Adrian!

(I love you!)

(Credits to Chucky for the last three awesome sweet photos! )



2 Responses to "Happy Birthday Sayang!!!"

maslight said... March 25, 2009 at 10:01 AM

astaga this year play cake oso, sorry couldn't make it.

Happy birthday sotong. *sweats, what is that matching check tie thinggie @_@

Pricilla said... March 26, 2009 at 10:04 PM


happy belated birthday to sotong! XD;
wish I could make it :(


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