Merdeka day for Caleb

The day has finally come and I gotta say that Caleb can finally shout 'Merdeka!'.

He's now out and on his way to mark his territory in the Life & Style world with Elson.

We've hanged around when he was single and searching.
We've hanged around when he was hitched.
We've hanged around when he was single again.
We've hanged around for works and vacations.
We've hanged around when he got married.
and now...
We're still gonna hang around even though he has quit! XD

You see... Saying goodbyes had never been my favourite.
But anyhow, 'scallop', you'll always be the sweetest boss we've ever had.
We're sure gonna miss your buddha smiley face a lot boss!

Thank you for being supportive.
Thank you for putting up with our mood and the constant whining
*that would be me..hehe*

Thank you for always belanja'ing' us most of the time.
Thank you for being a good listener when I need you.
and most importantly...

Thank you for the 3 awesome years!

yeah.... and 'thank you' for leaving the work behind T_T

"Apa macam!" <- Caleb's trademark line.

I'm sure gonna have a hell of an April Fool tomorrow.

Good Luck and I'll see you around boss!



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