St Francis High School Bazaar - 2009

Back in my high school days in St Francis, Bazaar is something that we looked forward to.

On that day, there'll be lots of people; we know lots of boys will be coming as well (i know, so sad that it's an all girls school) and on top of all, it's a one day celebration.

So after years of graduating from high school, I went back to support their Bazaar 2009 with BB.

Omg... jam packed man @_@ (both road traffic AND the crowd)
It was so freaking HOT, stuffy and we thank god that we got a parking space right in front of the school.

And the boys?
Waaaaaay different from a decade ago.
Most of them looks like pilak now.
Kowaii ><"

Food sold was a-ok.
I bought sugar candy (o'oh... it's still in my car XD), some sausages and cupcakes from the class of 1991, corn in cup from the cute student and another hotdogs from my ex-teacher's booth.
This teacher used to make fun of my weight last time and look at you now. HAHAHA! *coughs (ok.. that was a bit crude.. *cough)
But we're good. Really.

There was also food stall from class of 1981. Wow XD

Also some karaoke session...

...and a ghost house (which I obviously pulled BB away from that area).

I showed BB around the school, pointed where my school room(S) used to be, kutuk the school on how much we have donated money to them since day 1 of primary 1 and yet the school still looks awful like it's about to roboh anytime. They told us that we're gonna move to an awesome building but it never happened till my youngest sister graduated from there. Geez =_="

I met my old school mate at the canteen area, so out of courtesy I introduced her to BB.

"Oh! This is Julian by the way, and dear, this is my ex-school mate"
(think hard... wtf... she moved school mid-way!!!)
"Tak ingat nama lah tu" , Hasnijan barged in =_=" (bah! so B kuasa dua!)

When she introduced herself as Shani, then only i remembered her full name. Shanizaniza. A name that was easy to remember back then coz of the repitition of words.
Sowee~ XD

Went to KAC right after for HobbyCon meeting.
Since we had 3 hours to spare, BB and I played tic tac toe, dot game and use BB's hand as canvas to draw.

Yes.. we were THAT free.

Aight. Am late.
Gonna drive out soon for watchman and the dog show in 1B.

Happy Maulidur Rasul!

*credits to BB for photos*



5 Responses to "St Francis High School Bazaar - 2009"

sweet-girlicious said... March 9, 2009 at 11:30 PM

wow...i never went back to my school yet..but seeing you visiting you ex-school seems to have a thousand memories to keep ya!heheh

Amy C said... March 10, 2009 at 8:26 AM

aargh!! i missed the bazaar... -_-
mcm fun only i saw there...i missed my old school too...huhuhuuu...i remember lastime bazaar, my class jual eggs..wakakakakaa...

i went 1B oso for the dog show...i love the siberian husky...*pat pat*...but cannot touch ;( see only...

aaaaaah...i saw u wit Julian @ CTmall kan...luckily u panggil my name if not i din nampak u dat...*high 5* :D

Mel Celestial said... March 10, 2009 at 4:00 PM

I can't believe I missed that event - it would definitely be the perfect time to visit our alma mater with Jijoe too. Too bad the bazaar is only held once in every few years though. However, I doubt anyone asked you about your 2 'shadows' (DK and me) that day.

I bet our old classrooms seem smaller now. I still remember that time when the whole class of 3K was punished - we were to stand on our tables for all juniors to see.

Aya said... March 10, 2009 at 4:30 PM

Sweet-girlicious> It definitely did

Amy C> T_T I tidak sempat watch the dog show. Uhuk uhuk! T_T

Mel> Oh nou nou nou~ You're wrong on that. I met Shanizaniza. She asked me about you. She even knew you're married XD Uhuk. Me alone and dont have my girls here ><"

elixelle said... March 11, 2009 at 11:26 AM

i bumped into shanizaniza too! haha. i wasn't there long though and didn't even went up to the form 3 and lab areas. it really was extremely hot that day. thank goodness i got a parking spot at harrington. haha. didn't have to walk too far. i met serena as well. hehe. you're not d only one complaining abt how d school looks d same (if not smaller) despite our countless donations from day 1. haha. a few minor changes here and there but nothing highly significant. d classes do look smaller. and d boys do look like *ahem*. haha. how time flies. and how things hv changed. imagine, 9 years since we left d plc!


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