sometimes, ctrl+z doesn't work on real life. face it.

I know I should be sleeping.
and I know I shouldn’t be blogging considering I need my 7-8 hours of sleep, else I’ll be late to work.
Fyi, I am ALWAYS late.
Yaha. Like 1 hour late.
And now that they’ve given a general memo and ‘nice’ warning to everybody about attendance and total working hours a day, I + have GOT to + wake up EARLY = 6am.
*Never like that equation =_=*
Oh! And when i DO go to office REALLY early, they’ll be like “oh wowww~ so early??? Must have been because of the ‘love’ letter”.
*roll eyes*
Option one - Driving out to work early equals to freaking traffic jam, waste of my precious 45-50 minutes and fuel.
Option two - Driving out late equals to smooth journey, 15-20 minutes drive and save precious fuel.
Just look at the major differences!!! Pfft!

Anyhow, just got back from watching ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.
Totally recommended.
The original book was great **, but the movie is waaaaaay better and funnier than the book, I kid you not.
Even BB laughed his ass off.
So GO and watch the movie now.
Warning: You'll be tempted to do shopping. Which i did. few minutes ago. I ordered another 3 online items. ><"
Talent time is out too.
If time permits, I’ll go watch movie again tomorrow considering that I have events to cover in 1B too ^^

I twisted my right thigh 2 days ago on my way to the road of kurus-ness.
Walking around while covering the event is making my thigh hurting more especially going up and down the stairs.
Urgh.. I need to stop buying high heels and start investing on nice flat sandals.
I’m not sure about other people but I love high heels.
Coz of that + bad blood circulation + big bones following my mom side, my hip and calves are big.
and it got worse when I have PMS.
I hate PMS *nobody does, hello?*
Not only I’ll feel like a balloon pulled down by gravity, but my calves will also puffed up as if it is swollen.
Even people around you seems to choose to be insensitive.
*That is totally like offering a knife to be stabbed with*

Passed by one of my fav outlets this morning..
Something that I like had become zero value now.
Don’t like it anymore.
Oh well.
Maybe I’m just being unreasonably selfish for something which is reasonable enough to make me being unreasonably selfish, get it? *fyi, this has got nothing to do with PMS*
Am talking gibberish.
Better sleep now.


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