Quick post!

Yo peeps.
Am in Sabah vfm Konti now with BB, djing together.
Had a panic moment for the chart show earlier *Selina! Me gonna kill you for this* but all went well thank goodness *have to pat my brain for working at such a rush hour - everytime*

Today as usual, freaking hot during the day and pouring rain at night.
Went to UMS for their Japanese Festival and Bon Odori, but will blog about it later.

Just checked - Man U lost.. AGAIN to Liverpool! F! F! F!
That big tired Dinosaur sure gonna laugh at me.

Totally missed the IPEX edible architecture.
Why lah open to public at 4pm? =_="
I was standing outside with BB just to see a notice paper saying 3pm-4pm is for judging and public can only enter at 4pm T_T
I wouldn't mind waiting but I have 'Midas Touch' talk to catch at Cube - which was .. one word.. GREAT.
Ok lah.. plus one more.. INSPIRING.
I thank Mei Wong (owner of CUBE) so much for making it happen.
It was so much fun.
The way they asked us to break the ice with everyone was hilarious as well. BUT like I said, I'll blog that in my next post.
Can't bully BB too much.
BB is actually on pilot now, training to become next sabah vfm dj ;)

Gonna be on duty again tomorrow morning.
*So much for trying to sleep 8 hours* T_T
Song is finishing.
Going to be on air soon.
Tataaaa! XD


1 Response to "Quick post!"

maslight said... March 15, 2009 at 9:53 AM

alah fara so u didn't get to go to the ipex thinggie? @_@


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