Don't you think weekend passes by SO fast? =_=

Just had my first mini Bon Odori yesterday at UMS and their Japanese Cultural Night was quiet an experience regardless of the drizzling rain.

BB was actually one of the person who incharged of assisting the UMS student to bring in hobby related booths to this event; so in the morning, we (including Serena) went to UMS to see them setting things up.

On top of all the participating booths, I'd have to say that the Japanese Cup Cakes booth caught my eyes first XD

Just look at them ^^
It was so colourful and these cupcakes only costs RM1 !!!!
Ain't it cheap or what?! XD

Anyway, we didn't stay long coz we had to rush to Sabah Trade Centre for the IPEX Edible Architecture.
But as I said in my prev post, the Edible Architecture only opened to public at 4pm, and at 4pm ALSO, BB and I had to rush to CUBE restaurant in Citymall for the Midas Touch motivational talk organised by Mei Wong (owner of CUBE).

Unlike other motivational talk that I went to before, the ice breaking session for this one was hilarious. Instead of typically going around and introduce yourself to people, we had to paste a white paper onto our back and let other people write down what they think of us on their first impression. And this is what I got:

See the one in circle?
Yeah... It was written by this evil 'tinggi tinggi tagap tagap' rascal who cant stop poking me from behind *kicks* XD

Oh. This tall rascal is Sam btw.
You can find him in CORE Fitness.
*kof *kof

Aaaaanyhow, back to Midas Touch, aside from all those motivational and inspiring notes, one thing that I learned from this talk is to never judge a book by its cover.
Fyi, my close friends mostly know that I am a bit picky when it comes to people who failed to give me a good first impression.
It's hard for me to trust/open up to them (yeah, like anyone of us, i too have a trust issue sometimes) and I'll try to stay away from them.
But Midas Touch really sorta change my view on these things.

Behind every person, there is a story to tell; and it will take some time for you to get to know them and to really understand them as a person.
Although I've always reminded myself of this, bad experiences and disappointment I felt before (especially due to putting my trust/expectation too much on friends and love ones) have sorta put a shield around me, hence, I can pretty much become a judgmental person. *aren't we all? :)*

Moral of the story? Whether or not you decide to trust one person again is entirely depending on situation, really.
Coz there ARE baaaaaad people out there that you must be careful with.
They can be such a liar, opportunist and eat you alive! *gulp*

But anyhow, am gonna stand up straight and give my salutation to Mei for making this happen. Her story too moved my heart and changed my perception of her completely.
I would never had known.

As soon as Midas Touch ended, BB and I rushed to pick up Serena and went back to UMS for the Bon Odori.

During the UMS Japanese Cultural Night, there were lots of activities happening such as the singing and martial art performances, dance performances (by Ike-Ike dancer, Soran Para-Para and Cosplay dance by Rina, Chiaki, Sakuya, Cubex and Irene), games and last but not least, the Bon Odori dance XD

"I got it! I got itttttt!!! XD" <- Me jumping excitedly
"Great. Now I'll give you your prize"
says the girl in charged
"Yey! Gimme my present XD"
"Err.. okok.. but please put the fish back first"
*I swear if the fish could talk, it'll curse me for making it suffocated for air*
"Hehe... XD"

That's right... Woot! Woot!
If only I can experience this in Japan but oh well,
let's just pray that I can fly there soon ^^
*looks at savings*




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