Holler to the ladies ;)

Was listening to hitz.fm and just realised that tomorrow (Sunday - 8th March) is the International Women's Day.

"Nah... tomorrow is International Women's day. So treat me well" - *squinting at BB*
"What the..."
"What 'What'?
"Do THEY have International Men's day?"
"Well too bad for you guys ^^"
"What??? This is so unfair!"


Happy Women's Day ladies ;)

PS: And sayang... they DO have International Men's Day. Since you guys never bother to check up on the date, we're happy that we're not reminded. Buahahahahhaa!



1 Response to "Holler to the ladies ;)"

Anonymous said... March 8, 2009 at 10:45 AM

International Men's Day: http://www.internationalmensday.com/




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