Tooth ache! ><"

Tooth acheeeeee....~~~
TOOTH ACHE I tell youuuuuu T_T
I thought all four of my wisdom tooth is out but Nooooooo.
One just suddenly *poof* out of no where.

Now am talking shminglish =_=

Even swallowing my own saliva is making the tooth hitting the gum T-T

Anyway, despite being busy covering DBKK's Nusantara Heritage Exhibition, here's what happened last week:

Even tho it was a rush, I managed to support Mei's Earth Hour get together at Cube. Was thinking of having a candle light dinner with BB at Imperial (to support Dino in a way) but my schedule was VERY tight. Sorry Dinosour!

I thought I couldn't make it but I did.
Breeze 1st Anniversary was a blast.
Even it did not reached 200 people, yet it was great nonetheless.
Congrats to Jonathan!

Am loving the goodie bag coz one of the content is the 2 weeks trial at core fitness.
Since, I'm already a member, I gave the pass to BB instead.
In return BB gave me the Skin Nutrition sample product and.... a sanitary... pad.
*Yes.. I need that. A good one in fact hehe..*

*Jonathan signature grin =D*

*The celebrities.. Puke!*

After a busy 3 days of non stop event coverage for DBKK's batik exhibition in 1 Borneo, I finally get to work for the Fashion Show cum charity dinner which involves Krisdayanti as the invited artists ^__^ and one of the privilege working backstage is....

I get to meet Krisdayanti in person! Yeyyyy!!!

As you can see, without the wig and her full makeup on, Kris looks much more of an Arab lady compare to when she have a full make up on.

But whatever it is, I feel so privileged to finally meet her in person.
*hugs cici*

Sigh~~~ what a loooong tiring weekend.
But am happy, really ^^
Am off to Caleb's farewell dinner.


1 Response to "Tooth ache! ><""

maslight said... March 31, 2009 at 10:21 AM

fara, not enuff tido ka ni @_@


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