IPEX is on!

Mama is back from KL today and sure thing am gonna leech all the Toblerone dark chocolate and DAIM chocolate from her. Hihi.
Speaking of DAIM, i recalled a scene when I had an argument with the sotong man.
He tried to pujuk me but i refused to talk *tralala*
But kesian also, so i pulled out 1 DAIM chocolate and placed it on his hand, which then he said

"You know.. this DAIM chocolate letters can also spelled as DIAM"

(Haha... tau takper) *tralalala*

Had a good 7-8 hours of sleep these 2 days and that means, good mood, productive, focused, able to think properly AND clearly, and most importantly one step to reduce panda eyes and eye bag =_= *must really put this into practise*

IPEX (International Property Exhibition) is on right now and the best thing about my working place is that you get to see all events and exhibition first hand.
The bad news is, your staff parking space will be taken by the exhibitors AND the visitors even tho the 'NO ENTRY' sign is clearly standing at the gate,
you also have to endure the noise pollution,
the screeching sound from the construction,
the loud boom bangs from the big items,
and the freaking "Poom! Poom!" sound from the microphone is truly annoying too!
Why cant the minister or whoever the guest of honour is talk further away from the mic? Geez ><"

Rina said there's a Vedablu booth down there and they are having a 'buy 1 scoop, get the second scoop for 50% discount' promo.
Eggnog flavour and apple pie flavour is avalable too. *hrrmm... i wonder how it would taste like*

But what I truly looking forward in IPEX is the Edible Architecture Competition this Saturday at 3pm, the Japanese Festival and Bon Odori in UMS (Saturday - Day and Night) as well as the Midas Touch motivational talk in CUBE (Saturday too!).
So if you're a food lover, or simply amazed by seeing food being wasted into famous iconic buildings, come to Sabah Trade Centre ;)
If you want to see some cosplay and Japanese festival during the day and see some people wearing yukatas during Bon Odori at night time, come to UMS.
I know I'll surely be there.
Saturday schedule gonna be super packed! XD



4 Responses to "IPEX is on!"

d1n0za said... March 13, 2009 at 1:59 AM

FYI, Man U vs Liverpool is also during this coming Saturday. Don't forget to wear your Liverpool jersey k? hehe

Aya said... March 13, 2009 at 10:02 AM

FYI, I KNOW about Man U vs Liverpool match. Don't forget to wear your I love Manchester United jersey and sing the glory man united theme song ok? *pats *pats

Amy C said... March 13, 2009 at 2:41 PM

Uiyooo...one Mu fan, one Liverpool fan...me? Liverpool!!! :D

Richard Nelson said... March 27, 2009 at 2:15 AM

..aiyah, you missed the Edible! :) Anyways, i've posted an update on the event on my blog..in case you wanted to see some of the photos. Cheers!


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