I am bloody proud of myself

I’ve been skipping gym for a week now due to assignments and part time work… plus… Danny.. my gym magnet is currently on his CNY break till the 20th .

But today, due to mocha’s motivation, I managed to drag me lazy arse to go to the gym and finally yank myself onto the floating bicycle thingy machine. Usually I never lasted more than 10 minutes. *Gosh! Pathetic right? So today, I just pandai-pandai and set in to 30 minutes.

First 10 minutes…

“come on you lazy bum! nail it! nail it!”

15 minutes…

“oh yes! 15 more minutes!”

20 minutes

“come on fara! you can do it! another set!”
*thinks happy thought… playing happy songs in my head… thinks nice clothes!*

25 minutes

“garghhhhhh!!! 5 more! 5 more!”

30 minutes

“YES!! YES!! YES!! Omg! I’ve made it!”

I tell you…. It’s like reaching a sportgasm. Uh-huh.

Thank you~ Thank you~ Thank you very much~

I met up with the CSP ppl at Starbucks. They were playing some sort of a i-dunno-what haunted house board game. It was pretty interesting and scary at the same time. It takes your imagination to play the whole game.

Do you know how boys usually feel when they watching football? The rush.. the anticipation... the excitement... the la di da da da.... It’s definitely similar to this kind of scenario.

It’s funny somehow seeing boys playing and concentrating on their hobbies. It’s like sitting in an exam hall trying to score straight A’s for their papers. So girls.. when this thing happen, just go and take care of yourself, like grabbing some yummy corn in a cup (like me) or some ice blended drink to watch them play OR BETTER, join them! (I didn't join just in case you're wondering.. to lazy to put new inputs in my tired head). There’s no use of looking at your watch thinking of when you can have your personal time to pak toh. It just won’t work.

When I got back, I had to open the big gate myself. Seriously, I don't mind opening it myself... but where the heck is Agus (fyi, he's my parent's gardener). After I parked my car, I saw him sleeping. Ngihihihihi.

I purposely closed the car's door loudly...

*still sleeping*

Okay... then I cough! cough!

*still sleeping*

Owh~ camtu ek. Well nvm. I just pressed the lock button...

THEN only we wakes up.

He tried to cover up that he was sleeping by humming some song.

cheeky.... I saw you sleeping Agus! LOL!

I was not in a very chatty mood tonight. You know when the crazy girl's hormone kicks in, (and its not PMS, thanks for asking) sometimes you just don’t feel like socializing or talking much to anybody. You tend to draw back or shy for that matter and just smile so as to not to offend anybody’s feeling. But the thing is, I was all hyper and alright in the office just now. Blargh~ I think I need coffee… or mocha…

I miss mocha. He’s out to Burger King with some friends of his (which I’m not familiar with…well… only 1) having a drink.
It’s a boy’s night out to titling and tattling about their world.

Fyi, boys too have some gossiping and bitching to do like us girls. Pfft~

Okay.. am crapping. Am gonna wash my face, pray and sleep early tonight.

Odd.. I know.

Listening to Gitaroo man - Accoustic Legendary Theme
(... repeat.... repeat.... zzzzz......)


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