Back to work, lazy bum!

Brought my two little goonies to Karamunsing and KAC yesterday ^^. Cici bought a pink (as usual) hula-hoop for her to play around with + sculpting her already small waist (no la.. I just tokok-tambah that one coz I like it). Maybe it’s because I want to borrow it from her when I’m dead bored at home. Wait.. I’m never home before 11pm. It’ll be unusual not until I am shouted by my parents. *guilty* ^^

Cici & the Hula-Hoop

There was a lion and the ugly betty unicorn dance at Karamunsing when we arrived there for a late lunch. And there goes Cici again, pulling my shirt and gripping my hand so hard coz she was a tad when it comes to seeing big and scary figures i.e. the Clowns, the cute CNY Lion and the not so cute Unicorn. I don’t mind of her being terrified with clowns (come on.. they’re hideous, not funny, not cute and always reminds me of IT the movie. Yuck-Yuck) but Lions?? Come on sis.

Cici: "Nadiaaaaaaaa takuuuuutttt" ><"

The not-so-cute Unicorn

Kesian.... Well bear with it aunty...

This is how it is when we were eating at RCH

It was the first skating experience for my Baby sis Nadia when I brought her to KAC skating rink. LOL! She was a bit ke lian at the first hour and all nice and smooth at the last 15 minutes. Gagagagaga! I’ve predicted that she WILL fall. I myself was almost dragged by her to the floor. Which I didn’t. (*Yey!*) Coz am saving myself from any hideous bruises for Valentine’s dinner. *Wink!

At KAC Skating Rink

Kyahahaha! Bow to me and fix my shoe!

Cici & Me

The newbies: Nadia & Cici

Kesiannnn~~~ LOL!

Cici went all annoyed because of me yesterday. She was driving my car on our way home, and *I* being an annoying person to her by nature was trying to guide her way to go home via a shortcut using the Damai flyover.

Ok.. ikut ke kanan… yes kanan, I said
Aaaa.. ok
Later roundabout, turn to 4 o-clock
Haaa tu… yang tulis Jalan Kolam (referring to the signboard)
Haa yaya… tu.. ikut kereta to ke kanan
YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Berapa kali mau explain! Semua maksud benda yang sama!!!!
Ohohohohohoho (ekk~~~ maaaaaarah~)

After that we were having fun (and cynically sarcastic to each other) by trying to explain 1 thing and another using a different kinds of explanations but 1 meaning.

Ok Breaaaaaaak, I said
Break? Yang lampu merah tu.. tekan tengah2 bawah ni… untuk berhenti?
Buahahahaha, lucu lah tu konon
kan? Sakit perut aku.

Gym session is going to be so siao till the 19th Feb, coz Danny (the instructor) is currently back in KL for his long CNY break. So naturally, the Cardio dance and Body Jam class will be reinstated by other boring classes and not so fun instructors. Oh well, I guess it’s time for me to use the not-so-motivating machines in there. (Sigh~)

My hair is getting all faded, dull and ‘simba’ look these days. I think I’m gonna go for some trimming and few adjustment here and there with Nadia tomorrow...Gargh! especially the layers.

On an entirely different note, mocha learned something about me yesterday which to him was funny, but to me, I feel like shoving more squids into his already sotong’ed’ face. Hmmp! Wait till I make a fried octopus out of you, buddy!

Ok.. I’m basically bored today. Caleb wasn’t around. So as Clif2 onnichan and Lai. I was so bored to the point that I had to play online games and kill some reindeers and whacking an innocent stick man to see as to how far I can smack him with a long hinge. I managed to throw him off to 9000 ft away, (BUAHAHAHA) and my wrist can only handle around 700 mouse-clicks to kill 210 reindeers. Mars, Rina and Serena thought that I was having a war with the computer mouse. CLICK HERE to play the game ONLY if you think your life is so bored. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Mars, Rina and I went to CTmall for our lunch. I suddenly have all these craving for anything that has a yoghurt(y) taste e.g. mango lassi, yoghurt ice-cream, yogur berry, yoghurt (duh)… and falalalala… so I tapau’ed’ yogur berry and tagged along with Mars and Rina-cat to KFC. *thanks mars for the tasty Hot & Spicy chicken-rib bones* I just love munching on small chicken bones. Yeah yeah. I know you guys have this
(o_0”) look on you now... but what can I do??? I’m a carnivore... Muahahahaha!

I’ve been extremely happy since I started blogging here. Things have been looking very uppety and bright. Falalala. Mocha is one of the reasons. I’ve done some thinking ever since I got back from my New Zealand trip before, and boy~ Blur me realised that I have been giving a little too much attention, thought and love to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Therefore I shall stop; coz it’s really not worth my time and my smile. Smiling 24/7 can be so tiring especially when it is for someone that is not worth it. Mars knew all about it. Others... well… just 70%. So don’t go and ‘aww… don’t be desperate’, or “ayayayaya… you’re talking way too much” of Ashlee Simpson latest hits or any other fudging assumptions as if you know the important details which I personally chose not to share with you coz of your freaking judgmental nature, especially about the not-so-good-stuff, you Snob! Wait till it happen to you and I’ll be damn happy to laugh at a corner while sipping my hazelnut coffee and get high. Wow! I feel the NTV7 ‘I feel good’ feeling rushing in my blood now!

Happy people around makes me super happy. Sad and cynical people around whose lives are miserable and trying to suck me in it just making my life all rimas. Yuck! F-off and stay away from me psychos. Tralalala~ Skipping outside in my imaginary gardens. Connection is freaking slow! *Bored!

Gasp* DJ Andrew called. I’ve got to finish compiling songs for my first day part-time job as shopping mall Dj in Citymall this Friday and *Ekkk!!! Also have to finish the Guest Dj script. Sigh* my lovely Friday is definitely going to be a catastrophic one.


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