Honey, I'm Home!!!!

I'm bacccck~~~~ ^^ It is sooooo good to be home! Especially seeing mocha outside the airport gate with his Red shirt and my fav punk bracelet ^^ Oh yeah! Speaking of red... Happy-happy Merry Chinese New Year to all!!!

Fyi, Mocha and I went straight from the airport to Robin's CNY open house to meet up with the other guys. They definitely had fun gambling the night away with some card games. Kudos to Lasia for winning. Girl power! Wohoo!!

Let the gambling begin!

Rummy in Red!

I went to watch Kung Fu Dunk with Mocha and his fellow frens today (reunion gathering). Kyaaaa!! Jay chou is soooo innocent and adorably cute in the movieeeee!!!! XD XD XD That's it! When I have my own children, confirm I'll send them for a Kung Fu class and make sure they'll play basket ball with their papa! ^^ Betul niiiii~~~

Winter Teddy Bear

Anyhow, I bought a cute winter Teddy Bear for Leena's farewell gift. It was soooo adorable and cute that I really think twice as to whether I should give it away or not. Sigh~~~~ So i dediced to only take photos with the teddy to make a memory out of it. ^^ Mocha also bought all Yasmin Ahmad's films. From Sepet, Gubra to Mukhsin. Surprisingly Sepet is one of his favourite film too! He told me that our stories have some kind of similarity to it ^^. Well, only 80% i guess... coz I don't want him to end up like Jason in the film. Boohoooo! Palis2. Mama Jaguar, please take care of him and turn yourself into an auto pilot mode when he suddenly ngeng-ngong for no reason.

For dinner today, we bought Cici to the new branch of Kohinoor Indian Retaurant in Kingfisher to congratulate her upon her graduation. The owner, Dr. Sukdef and the wife, Madam Delji presented her with a cake too! But yang sedihnya… they mistaken the dinner as a bday dinner for cici. Oh well~ since tanak semua org nampak ke ‘kuyak’ kan event tu… we sang Happy Birthday song lers~~~~ LOL!!!! Anyways, again, congrats Sis!. I hope you like the Gwen Stefani - L.A.M.B perfume that mocha and I bought for you. *coz u said the perfume first2 busuk but lama2 sgt wangi. So we're just trying our luck. Hope you're ok with it* ><" cross fingers. LOL!

" Party-Party! "

Romantic Ambience

VIP Room


Anak sapaaaa lah ni~

Indiana James Bond

Scrumptious Appetizer

Naan & Mutton Curry


Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B perfume

Ngeeeeeee XD

Congrats Sis!


Tomorrow mama and papa will be going to Tawau. So what FASANA gonna do on our Sunday holiday? Nyahahahaha! Skating at KAC y'all! Chiaos!


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