Hannah Tan in the making

I met up with julian, dino, amie & radzie at Starbucks just now; and jeng-jeng-jeng~ I’ve made a new friend!

Guess who’s my new gang now?

No…. it’s not Hannah Tan
*well… she will be in 10 years time and Julian, the child molester, should be locked up*

And No… she’s not Hannah Montana either
*well… she does act like animated cartoon – like me!*



Hannah Dinoza~

Hannah is Dino’s baby-girl. She’s smart, cheeky & kinky! I never thought that we would clicked. Gagagagaga!

“She’s a poser”, said Dino
“I don’t fancy kids… buahahahaha”, said Julian

Tsk! Tsk! But daddy, bear in mind that your little poser might be a big star one day.

Sooooo..... Better watch out for uncle hum-sap gold fish!


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